Plan before you go

Plan before you go

Preparing to move yourself or your family overseas can be a mammoth task. Here at Aetna International, we have a team of  highly skilled medical experts, who can help guide you through some of the crucial steps  to take to ensure you and your family are kept in the best possible health during this stressful moving period. They can help you manage your health through the move itself  and while you are settling into your new surroundings overseas. Here are some quick tips and information that can help you prepare for your international assignment:

Team of healthcare experts ready to help

With a global benefits plan, you have access to registered nurses who are available 24/7 as the primary point of contact supporting your healthcare needs, including:

  • Pre-trip planning
  • Assistance locating providers
  • Assistance obtaining medications or medical equipment
  • Coordination of medical evacuation services
  • Discharge planning
  • Assistance with benefit coordination
  • Assistance with medical needs for your return to your home country after you complete an assignment.
Things to do before you leave
  • Take a language course. It is highly recommended that you can speak the language of your destination country.
  • Be sure you have a valid passport or national identity card.
  • Check whether you’ll need to exchange your driver's license.
  • Make copies of all important documents: passport, diplomas, insurance papers, etc.
  • Inform all the necessary authorities about your move: gas, telephone, electricity, bank, etc.
  • Confirm that all of the important authorities, as well as your friends and family, have your new contact details.
  • Arrange to have your mail forwarded.
  • Inform your children’s school that you will be moving abroad and ask for transfer certificates and any information which will be relevant when you move.
  • Check quarantine requirements in your destination country and arrange for any pet relocations.
  • Check the documentation requirements for the country you are moving to. Many countries require that official paperwork is certified before it can be accepted.
  • Create a tax and finance folder with any information which can be claimed back on tax. If you are getting your expenses paid for you, put all receipts in this folder.
  • Find out if you, your family and your pets need to have any vaccinations and when you need to get them.
  • Print out change of address cards to hand to friends and family and let everyone important know about your departure and change of address — the post office, credit card companies, family and friends.
  • If your national driver's license needs renewing, do so before you leave.
  • Ask your doctors, vet and dentist for copies of medical records.
  • Check all insurance policies and organize your visas.
  • Find out what the local names and equivalents are for any prescription medications that you or your family members take. Make sure that they will be available in your destination country. If not, you will need to arrange to take a supply with you — together with proof of your need for the medication for customs and excise purposes.
  • Contact the various utilities departments and ask them to discontinue your supply of gas, electricity, water, cable TV and telephone or if you are renting your house out, change the name on the bills.
  • Remember to savor the moment as you step on the plane, as it is a very important milestone in your life after all.

Our secure member website also includes additional tools and resources to help you plan before you leave for your expatriate assignment.