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Aetna named "Best International Private Health Insurance Provider" by Professional Adviser

Aetna has been named“Best International Private Health Insurance Provider” for 2013 by Professional Adviser, a leading publication for financial advisers and insurance brokers in the United Kingdom.

In recognising Aetna, the magazine pointed to the company’s size and strength in expanding affordable and quality health care cover internationally. Aetna’s global health care benefits support more than 500,000 members living in almost every country in the world.

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From U.S. style healthcare options with full-coverage for inpatient, day patient and outpatient care to international style healthcare ptions that offer a range of coverage, from hospitalization to in and outpatient care as well as maternity and dental, we’ve got individuals covered. More details
Offering plans and programs tailored towards companies from: More details
Aetna Global Health Connections is a program that provides members with tools and resources to help them accomplish their health goals. So whether managing a chronic condition, planning a pregnancy or looking to achieve a healthier lifestyle — Aetna Global Health Connections can help. More details
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