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We extended our online services with a new secure portal for doctors and hospitals. The new portal supports all Aetna International members and plans and is available to all our international healthcare providers. More details..

As an international insurance carrier, we provide health insurance for members who live and work outside their home country. Giving them access to quality health care wherever they are in the world is our top priority

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Aetna named "Best International Private Health Insurance Provider" by Professional Adviser

Aetna has been named “Best International Private Health Insurance Provider” for 2013 by Professional Adviser, a leading publication for financial advisers and insurance brokers in the United Kingdom.

In recognising Aetna, the magazine pointed to the company’s size and strength in expanding affordable and quality health care cover internationally. Aetna’s global health care benefits support more than 500,000 members living in almost every country in the world.

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Our streamlined payment process

We have partnered with hospitals and other medical facilities around the world to establish pre-defined payment procedures to make it easier for you to do business with us.

As a contracted facility, we will pay you directly for eligible health-related services provided to our members in accordance with their plan of benefits. Members will generally be responsible for a portion of the bill, which is usually referred to as a ―deductible or ―coinsurance. Our Provider Guidelines outline the process for requesting a verification of benefits/guarantee of payment and submitting claims for direct payment.

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Contacts for doctors & hospitals

Caribbean (excluding Cayman Islands), Central America, North America, South America 


Europe and Africa

Hong Kong, Asia, Australia and Oceania (Hong Kong office) 

China (Shanghai office)

Middle East (including India)