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Be it employees, patients or the general public, we’re committed to helping create stronger and healthier communities. Using our worldwide expertise, we build customized solutions that can be applied at local and regional levels. Our solutions work to identify gaps in care, manage medical costs and keep people well. It’s our business to give those we serve access to credible, quality information to help them to make the best decisions about health care. Nothing matters more.

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Aetna named "Best International Private Health Insurance Provider" by Professional Adviser

Aetna has been named “Best International Private Health Insurance Provider” for 2013 by Professional Adviser, a leading publication for financial advisers and insurance brokers in the United Kingdom.

In recognising Aetna, the magazine pointed to the company’s size and strength in expanding affordable and quality health care cover internationally. Aetna’s global health care benefits support more than 500,000 members living in almost every country in the world.

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We offer integrated wellness solutions to help you to get the most out of your employee benefit program.

Our programs for expatriates and local nationals can help you consolidate your wellness programs across your global offices.


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We have proven experience working with government entities to design custom solutions that improve both quality and cost outcomes:

- We can help you to maximize health gain using available resources.

- Our solutions can provide you with a system-wide view of your health needs. 

- We work on the ground and with local experts.

- We can help you identify the best ways to close gaps, provide important insights on the current state of your health economy and build upon your existing strengths to help you meet your goals and drive results.


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We can partner with you to transform health outcomes while recognizing significant savings. Our solutions offer unparalleled insight into the origins of activity, current utilization patterns, costs and their drivers. We can even predict future utilization and provide innovative programs and solutions to help reduce unnecessary and high-cost treatments. We can also provide key insights into health provider's performance. This critical intelligence can help you to make evidence-based decisions supported by robust data.


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