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How to make a claim

Prior to treatment

If you require hospital treatment under a global benefits policy, please contact our International Member Service Center as soon as reasonably possible prior to admission, providing full details, including:

  • Condition
  • Proposed treatment
  • Dates
  • Name of the procedure (if known)
  • Name of the specialist
  • Name of the hospital

Making a claim

We’ve made it easy for you to submit your claims:

Download and complete the appropriate claim form
Copy all receipts

Copy all receipts on a single piece of paper (or as many as necessary). Receipts must be fully itemized bills and/or detailed receipts that include diagnosis (nature of illness) and the procedures or services performed.

Claim Reimbursement

 Provide full bank details as requested in the claim form.

Following the recent United Arab Emirates Central Bank directive, an International Bank Account Number (IBAN) will be mandatory from 11th March 2012 for all premium receipts into our UAE bank accounts and all UAE claim settlement bank transfers. Please ensure you provide an IBAN for all premium payments and claim submissions for UAE bank accounts. Without an IBAN, the transaction will fail.

Write your member identification number

Write your member identification number on each document submitted with your claim form.

Be sure to indicate the name of the patient

Be sure to indicate the name of the person who received care (either yourself or your dependent).

Include contact information

Include contact information (phone or fax) where you can be reached in case we have any questions.

Submit your claim

Submit your claim via mail, overnight delivery, fax (see your claim form for information on where to submit) or via our online claim submission tool available on your secure member website.

US Toll free: +1 800 914 2177

  • Hong Kong:
    +852 2860 8022
  • China: +400 880 8891
  • Singapore: +65 6395 6700
  • Indonesia:
    +62 21 2358 4722
  • Dubai: +971 4 438 7510
  • London:
    +44 (0) 844 557 8037
International Service Center (Available 24-hour)


  • Direct or collect:
    +1 813 775 0190
    US Toll free:
    +1 800 231 7729
  • United Kingdom:
    +44 870 442 4386
    +44 (0) 844 557 8037
  • Write to us
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