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Cancer diagnosis: five ways to protect your emotional well-being

Looking after your mental well-being following a cancer diagnosis is just as important as looking after your physical health.

Breakthrough lung cancer and melanoma treatments are positively impacting cancer mortality rates. And, people’s behaviours are changing. In January 2020, the American Cancer Society reported that these factors are contributing to falling cancer mortality rates. The cancer mortality rate in the U.S. experienced the biggest drop in its last 26-year decline in the 2016-2017 period.1

Even so, Cancer is a word you never want to hear your doctor say in relation to your own health – or that of a loved one. As overwhelming and frightening as a cancer diagnosis can feel, there is plenty of support available to help cancer patients manage their physical and mental health following a diagnosis.

As well as finding an oncologist you feel comfortable with and bringing a trusted ally to your doctor or oncology appointments, in this video Dr Lori Stetz, Senior Medical Director, Aetna International outlines five ways you can help protect your emotional health following a cancer diagnosis.

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