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COVID-19 resources: Support for health, work and life

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The global COVID-19 pandemic has fundamentally altered the way we live and work

We’re here to help you achieve the best for your health, well-being and work-life balance during these uncertain times. In this resource hub, you’ll discover valuable, actionable information, tools and services including:

  • Aetna Mind: Discover the self-guided tools and the professional services available to help you manage your emotional and mental health.
  • COVID-19 waiver policy: Learn about the treatment waivers and payment relief terms designed to help you during the pandemic.
  • Health and well-being guidance: Get insightful advice on how to maintain your physical and mental health during the pandemic.
  • How to speak with a doctor, virtually: Find out how to access convenient virtual health care.
  • Global COVID-19 news: Keep up with the latest international news and expert opinions.
  • Aetna Well-being: Access health and well-being resources as part of your health care benefits.

Aetna Mind

We're here to support you on your journey.

Aetna Mind is our holistic approach to supporting your emotional and mental health through both self-guided, on-line resources and professional in-person support

We’re here to support you

No matter how you’re feeling – thriving, struggling or unwell – you’ll find the right support from your plan. Get access to the Aetna Mind self-help and online resources as well as professional services via the Health Hub – your secure member website.

We’re here to support your employees

Aetna Mind uses evidence-based tools and expert clinical support to help protect the emotional well-being and mental health of your employees. From mindfulness and coaching to diagnosis and treatment, find out how we can meet your people on their journey.

For more information, call our expert consultants or contact your Account Manager

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Extra COVID-19 support for members

We have taken action to ensure our members have seamless access to health care throughout the pandemic. Existing health benefits, treatment for eligible conditions unaffected by COVID-19.

Learn more about:

  • your health benefits
  • medical advice and subsequent treatment
  • virtual health services
  • diagnostic testing
  • treatment waivers
  • payment relief 
  • expedited access to treatment

Get the latest specific guidance for those living in Singapore, the U.S. and elsewhere in the world.

COVID-19: extra support for members

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Frequently asked questions about COVID-19

The health and safety of our members is paramount. Based on your frequently asked questions, we have created an FAQ document which covers questions such as:

  • Is there a vaccine for COVID-19?
  • What should I do if I’m ill with respiratory symptoms?
  • Who should be tested for COVID-19?
  • Does having a flu or pneumonia vaccine protect me against COVID-19?

Find out what Aetna International is doing for members, inside and outside the U.S.

Frequently Asked Questions about COVID-19

Young woman smiling while relaxing on a living room sofa Young woman smiling while relaxing on a living room sofa
Ways to stay calm during the pandemic

It’s normal to feel worried when facing an unknown threat, such as the coronavirus pandemic.

Free webinar:

Discover useful techniques to help you calm your fears and stay calm in this free 10-minute webinar:

“COVID-19 fears: Ways to stay calm”

Tips on coping with fears:

Get more tips for living through a time of public anxiety by Resources for Living, Aetna’s Employee Assistance Program provider:

Coping with coronavirus fears

To find out more about the EAP support available, log in to the Health Hub or call the number on the back of your Member ID card and ask to speak to a CARE team clinician.

Man holding remote control while watching television at home Man holding remote control while watching television at home

Expert COVID-19 health advice

In our award-nominated podcast, we bring you expert insight and advice — from corporate wellness, technology and personal health to the challenges of delivering quality care to globally mobile populations.

Mental health in the time of COVID-19

The importance of looking after your back in a sedentary world

Hiding in plain sight…heart disease in the time of COVID-19

Every cloud…will the pandemic drive healthier workplaces and health tech adoption?

Turning the tide on tobacco

Father and son enjoying a conversation outdoors Father and son enjoying a conversation outdoors

The latest pandemic news

Get answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about COVID-19 and Aetna International’s policies.

Frequently asked questions about COVID-19

Keep up with the latest from respected agencies around the world:

The latest from the WHO

Johns Hopkins University COVID-19 map

The CDC website

WorldAware’s Coronavirus Intelligence and Advice Center

Woman on her laptop receiving a vHealth consultation from a doctor 

Bringing health care to your home

Convenient expert health care 24/7 by phone or videochat from the comfort of your home, via vHealth or Teladoc – services that have already helped millions of members just like you. Talk to dedicated, specially trained doctors who can diagnose and treat medical conditions, email prescriptions, make referrals and offer general health advice.

In the U.S.?

Get free access to Teladoc >

Download vHealth by Aetna:

In Dubai or Thailand? Download via Google Play:

Download via the App Store:

For more information about vHealth:

Log in to the Health Hub >

In Dubai? Log in to the Aetna Neuron Health Hub >


Log in to the Health Hub and visit ‘Aetna Well-being’  and select ‘Mind’ to learn more about and to access the following health apps and services:

Wysa app icon


Wysa is the perfect companion, providing access to confidential anonymous chatbot support 24/7 and 150+ self-help materials. Want to connect with a Human Coach? Wysa can help with that too. And it’s free for members.

myStrength app icon


Tackle anxiety, stress, depression, substance abuse, chronic pain and sleep challenges with myStrength’s online tools.

Equoo app icon


Keep your mind emotionally fit and healthy with eQuoo. Learn through play and discover how to manage your stress.

Pzizz app icon


Trouble sleeping? Get help falling asleep and learn how to train yourself to stay asleep with Pzizz.

Illustration of a woman meditating

Mindfulness-based stress reduction service comprises six sessions with a health and wellness professional to help overcome stress or anxiety. It’s free for eligible members.

Therapeutic counselling brings you advice and guidance by a clinical therapist and counsellor – over the phone.

Read member case studies and learn more in our EAP guide.

Log in to the Health Hub and visit ‘Aetna Well-being’ and select ‘Body’ to learn more and access the following services:

ClassPass app icon


Need help improving your fitness levels and preventing disease? ClassPass is your ticket gyms and fitness classes worldwide… from cycling to strength training to yoga.

Smoke Free app icon

Smoke Free

When you stop smoking, you’re not giving anything up. You’re actually gaining a healthier future, protecting the health of those around you, and saving money. Go Smoke Free today.

Kaia app icon


Pain can be physically debilitating and emotionally exhausting. With Kaia, leading pain experts can help you perform therapeutic exercises proven to reduce pain in the neck and back.

Read member case studies and learn more in our EAP guide.

Aetna Well-being

Welcome to Aetna Well-being, a clear and easy way for you to access health and well-being resources available as part of your health care benefits. Learn more about Aetna Well-being

Five For Me — bite-sized health and well-being tips

New and exclusive for Aetna members, Five For Me helps you build healthy habits in five minutes or less. Get expert advice, guidance, inspiration and knowledge in bite-sized portions. Discover how to balance your mental and physical health, whatever that looks like for you. Click here for more details

Log in to the Health Hub and visit ‘Aetna Well-being’ and select ‘Living and Working Abroad’ to learn more and access the following apps and services:

Aetna connectivity pictogram

Work-life services

Work-life services is a concierge-style service available to help you find service providers, make travel arrangements, or provide third party experts.

Aetna partnership pictogram

Manager assistance services

Do you have a local or international team to manage? Do you need development coaching to help you manage the everyday challenges of management? Managers at all levels often need support and Manager assistance services can help.

Read member case studies and learn more in our EAP guide.

Woman waiting for a train and wearing a face mask to protect herself and others 

Flu + COVID-19: Protect yourself, protect others

COVID-19 is dominating headlines worldwide, but seasonal flu remains a major threat. Fortunately, there are smart, simple steps you can take to protect yourself from both viral illnesses. Read advice by an Aetna Medical Director experienced in Family Medicine.

Resources for individuals and families:

vHealth Medical Director’s top 10 ways to help avoid flu during the COVID-19 pandemic:

Online article

PDF download

Your flu and COVID-19 questions answered by an Aetna Medical Director:

Online article

PDF download

Supercharge your immune system to fight flu and COVID-19:

Online article

PDF download

Further reading:

Woman waiting for a train and wearing a face mask to protect herself and others 

COVID-19 + your mental health: You are not alone.

COVID-19 is having an indirect but profound impact on people’s mental health. The threat of infection, financial uncertainty, social isolation, and concerns about children’s education and vulnerable family members are leading to increased levels of anxiety, depression, stress and post-traumatic stress disorder around the globe. Know that you’re not alone. And know that help is available. Get advice from Dr Nairah Rasul-Syed, vHealth Medical Director and Family Medicine Consultant, and find out how to look after your mental health during COVID-19.

Resources for individuals and families:

Advice from a Medical Director: Six ways to start a conversation about your mental health:

Online article

PDF download

A guide to emotional well-being for families as the calendar turns:

Online article

PDF download

A mindful approach to mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic:

Online article

PDF download

Resources for employers:

The secret to an emotionally and mentally healthy workforce this season:

Online article

PDF download

You are not alone poster

Small steps and healthy returns

Further reading:

Find more inspiration and guidance in our ‘Mental health support resource hub’, including:

Woman in yoga clothes doing yoga in her living room 

COVID-19 + your musculoskeletal health: Stretch out. Straighten up. Stay strong.

Millions of us are now working from home and might not have an ergonomic working set-up. It’s particularly important to pay attention to our core strength and posture. Protecting your back, neck and overall musculoskeletal (MSK) health is important for our overall health. These ‘Muscle matters’ resources will help you address basic good practise for the benefit of your spine, joints and muscles.

Resources for individuals and families:

How to maintain good posture whether you’re sitting, lying down or standing up, or lifting heavy items. Protect your spine, muscles, posture and even your digestion with these tips.

Straighten up for better health

Protect your low back, your internal organs, improve your posture and improve your balance and stability with these six core-strengthening exercises.

Build your core to build your health

Low back pain can be prevented and treated effectively. Address the most common risk factors through these lifestyle changes.

Protect yourself from low back pain

Resources for employers:

Exercise your way back to better health. And discover tips to help support your back at work and at play.

Build a back friendly daily routine

Discover how to practice mindfulness to help reduce your perception of pain that’s affecting your bones, muscles and joints.

Use mindfulness to address pain

Follow these simple steps to better health to help avoid musculoskeletal conditions affecting your bones, muscles, joints and spine.

How your muscles affect your overall health

Read more:

Find more inspiration and guidance in our Visit our MSK support resource hub

Dad working at the dining room table while his children do their homework 

Finding balance and calm during the COVID-19 pandemic

The pandemic is impacting all aspects of life. Working from home, full-time or part-time, while managing myriad other changes to our daily lives requires a high degree of resilience and flexibility. It is possible to create calm and routines that foster productivity and happiness. This is where you’ll find practical tips to help you adapt and flourish during these testing times.

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Make the most of your cover (U.S.)

Find out how to register, login and make the most of the Health Hub – your secure member website. The Health Hub helps you find health care, make and track your claims, and more.

Health Hub overview

How to submit a claim online

Requesting a Letter of Authorisation (LOA)

Arabic man in a wheelchair looking at his mobile phone
Make the most of your cover (Outside U.S.)

Submit and track claims, request preauthorisation for treatment, and find health care in the Health Hub. Find out how to register, login and make the most of your secure member website here:

Discover the Health Hub

About your Member ID Card

Make and track claims online

Requesting preauthorisation (also known as an LOA)


Care Team advisor assisting a member over the phone
Aetna in action: Care and response excellence

Our clinical and emergency response team — also known as the CARE team  — comprises experts who are calm under pressure, highly responsive, professional and compassionate. Find out how they work tirelessly every day to support our members.

A day in the life of Beverley Sandy, Head of Nursing Services, UK

A day in the life of Mithal Riachi, Clinician Team Lead, Dubai

A day in the life of Sanna Taylor, Clinical Case Manager, Evacuation team, UK

Further reading:

Aetna’s CARE team: Health care that reaches around the world

Worldwide emergency health care: What you need to know

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