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Aetna Abroad™

    • Streamlining access to expert care across the globe

      Aetna International is proud to introduce Aetna Abroad™ — their global network outside of the United States.  By leveraging their curated ecosystem of strategic relationships with regional network partners including Allianz Partners, as well as through direct provider contracting, the Aetna Abroad network boasts an impressive roster of pre-screened health care professionals and facilities that span 200 countries and territories, including several with strict regulations around local compliance.

      Todd Lazar, President of Aetna International, commented, "Launching Aetna Abroad is a significant milestone in our ongoing efforts to enhance global health care access while continuing to deliver exceptional customer and member experiences.” He added, “It’s an exciting time at Aetna International as we further our trajectory toward scale and sustainable long-term growth."

      Aetna International will continue to provide the simplicity and value that their members have come to rely on. This includes 24/7 member services, plans featuring no member cost share, direct-pay provider arrangements, and a wide range of complimentary well-being programs including global telehealth services, mental health resources, and an employee assistance program.

      As part of Aetna® and the CVS Health® family of companies, Aetna International members will continue to use the Aetna national network in the United States — one of the largest and most prominent in that country.