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Introducing Aetna DNA

We are delighted to announce the launch of Aetna DNA, a new health and lifestyle genetic test, offered as an optional add-on to our wellness plans for European members. This innovative development is inspired by our desire to move towards health care that is bespoke and personalised to individuals. 

Aetna DNA looks exclusively at nutrigenomics (the relationship between what we eat and our biochemical response), fitness, sleep and stress. The test is carried out via a simple mouth swab, and results arrive in a few weeks. Many of our members are already proactive about their health, and our aim is to put as much relevant information into their hands as possible to help them continue their well-being journey. 

From now, European employers that are starting or renewing their contract with Aetna International can purchase the DNA kit for employees as an add-on product. The test is available for schemes of 10 employees or more at an exclusive subsidised launch price of £75 per person (RRP £150).

Couple reading a document over coffee at a cafe table Couple reading a document over coffee at a cafe table

As an integrated solution, members who take the test will be able to book a consultation appointment with a nutrition and fitness expert to discuss any lifestyle changes they want to make. They’ll also be able to access follow-up support from health coaching, as well as our employee assistance programme and vHealth, our virtual health care service.

Group of friends chopping vegetables and cooking together in a kitchen Group of friends chopping vegetables and cooking together in a kitchen

At Aetna International, we believe joining our members on their health journey is a privilege and a responsibility that we take seriously. Results and subsequent health and wellness plans are personal, and privacy of that data is of paramount importance. Please note that nothing will be used for underwriting or pricing purposes, that the test is not designed to identify a propensity for any chronic diseases and that no personal data is shared with employers.

Services like this play a key role in engaging people with their health, can significantly reduce lifestyle-related disease, and help to encourage behaviours which ultimately lead to healthier communities and workplaces. We’re very excited about the opportunity that our DNA testing service will give our members to make more personal, informed decisions about their lifestyles. 

Please see the attached brochure to find out more. You can also watch a video of the launch event here. Alternatively, for more information or if you’d like us to support customer conversations, please email and we’ll be happy to help.

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