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Wysa – a mental well-being app with a difference

Taking care of yourself and your staff in the new normal is something we know it is imperative to address. At Aetna, we have long believed that mental well-being should be treated as seriously as physical health and so, as part of our response, we’ve recently given our members access to a number of globally-enabled tools, such as Wysa, which delivers a confidential and anonymous mental well-being app and service.

Wysa complements our existing resources, such as vHealth and EAP, by giving members instant access to guided mental well-being support. But what really makes it stand out is the app’s AI-driven chat function which allows members to ‘chat’ about their mental well-being via text. It can help people self-manage feelings of anxiety, stress and isolation at their own pace, 24/7, and direct them toward self-help content and exercise packs to develop tailored plans, addressing a member’s challenges.  

Each member benefits from one free coaching session with a qualified human coach, and has access to special Aetna International rates for further sessions, which are available to purchase via the app — self pay.

Additionally, the Wysa app will direct members to existing Aetna International services they can access as part of their policies, such as telephone or face-to-face counselling, online consultations with a vHealth doctor and other well-being self-help and professional support resources — support for their Body, Mind or Living and working abroad.

Put simply, using Wysa provides early mental well-being support at scale for our global members and employees, with the aim of alleviating some of the pressures people are experiencing. After all, the impact of COVID-19 is likely to stay with us for some time so, as people grapple with change and uncertainty in both their workplaces and at home, it’s vital that proactive measure are put in place to help.

Active support to improve the mental well-being of Aetna members - take advantage of now:

  • In-app buddy support plus their premium digital self-help packs entirely free
  • Free twelve weeks coaching program (live once per week) with journaling and coach responses outside of sessions
  • Available to Aetna Insured members
  • Employer options to deploy for the entire workforce with access to anonymised dashboard reporting and mental health campaigns that support engagement

For further information, please contact your account manager or to receive a preformatted communication that can be emailed to Aetna Insured members or receive instructions for your own use.

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