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Fit for Duty Podcast: Episode 15.

The ‘War for Talent’ - Part One

There’s no denying that today, organisations need to have a distinct competitive advantage when it comes to retaining and attracting talent. Not only do business owners, senior leaders and HR teams need to manage the nuances of the new hybrid work environment, but workers are also putting them under pressure. They expect their employers to live and breathe their purpose, develop collaborative, diverse, inclusive cultures, leverage new technologies and help their people manage their health, well-being and career development.
This episode is the first of a two-part conversation with Bradley Honnor, Founder & Managing Director of MatchFit and Adele Mackenzie-Smith, Senior HR Leader at Aetna International about the ways in which organisations are having to adapt their strategies to ensure they’re on the winning side in today’s war for talent.

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