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COVID-19: benefits and resources available to Aetna International Members

The health, safety and well-being of Aetna International customers and members is paramount. In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, we are taking action to ensure continuous support for our members around the world.

We would like to reassure our members that their existing health benefits are not affected by COVID-19. Any medical advice and subsequent treatment will be covered by Aetna International, as it would any other eligible medical condition, in accordance with a member’s plan.

Diagnostic testing

For Aetna International members inside the Americas region:

Aetna International is waiving member cost-sharing for diagnostic testing related to COVID-19. The test can be done by any authorized testing facility.

Antibody testing

Aetna International will cover, without cost share, serological (antibody) tests that are ordered by a physician or authorized health care professional and are medically necessary. Aetna’s health plans do not cover serological (antibody) tests for the purpose of return to work or school, general health surveillance, self-surveillance or self-diagnosis, except as required by applicable law.

For Aetna International members outside of the Americas region:

Outpatient diagnostic testing for symptomatic members

From 1 January 2021, members will be covered for outpatient diagnostic testing to determine whether they have a current COVID-19 infection, when:

  • they have available benefit for outpatient diagnostic testing included on their plan,
  • they are symptomatic,
  • they are referred by a medical practitioner, and
  • the testing is received in an appropriate medical facility.

Standard deductibles and cost shares will apply in line with the terms and conditions of the plan.

Outpatient diagnostic testing for asymptomatic members and antibody testing

Up to 31 March 2021, regardless of the benefit available on a member’s plan, we will extend cover to provide for a maximum of one test per calendar month for members who receive outpatient diagnostic testing for COVID-19 to determine whether they have a current COVID-19 infection, when:

  • the member is High-risk*,
  • they are asymptomatic (do not have symptoms),
  • they are referred by a medical practitioner, and
  • the testing is received in an appropriate medical facility.

Additionally, from 1 January 2021, we will be introducing a new wellness benefit on some of our plans. This will provide cover for outpatient tests and diagnostic procedures for communicable diseases (including COVID-19) when members do not have symptoms. This extends to antibody testing.

*High-risk is defined as aged 65 years or over; and/or pregnant; and/or having any one or more of the following: a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 40 or higher, Cardiovascular disease (including hypertension), Immunodeficiency (including HIV), Diabetes, Chronic kidney disease, Chronic liver disease, Chronic lung disease, Chronic neurological or neuromuscular disease, or Malignancy

Expedited access

Enabling expedited access to treatment for members in the Americas

For members in the U.S. — some states have waived prior authorizations related to hospitalization for COVID-19. This change allows for expedited access to the necessary treatment.

Waiver of deductibles

For Aetna International members inside the Americas region

If cost-sharing, co-pay or another deductible applies to a member’s inpatient benefit, Aetna International will waive this for inpatient admissions at all in-network facilities for treatment of COVID-19 or health complications associated with the virus. This policy applies to all Aetna International fully insured international medical insurance members inside the Americas region, and is effective for any such admission through to January 31, 2021.

We are also extending this policy to self-insured plans and members inside the Americas region. As we appreciate this impacts benefits, self-insured plan sponsors can decide whether to extend this change to plan participants. If they would like to opt out of this provision, they need to contact their Aetna representative.

Payment relief

Payment relief for Singapore policy holders

If you’re an Aetna policyholder in Singapore and your finances have been affected by COVID-19, we’re here to help.

You may apply for temporary support with the premium payments due for your current policy term. The solutions we offer include:

  • Paying by instalment: Divide your remaining premium balance into smaller, more regular payments for the remainder of your policy period.

Who is eligible?

All our Singapore-based:

  • individual policyholders
  • SME group policyholders (SMEs, as defined by Enterprise Singapore, are enterprises with an annual sales turnover of not more than SGD $100 million OR an employment size of not more than 200 workers).

Applications are subject to approval, and we will do our best to support your specific circumstance.

How to apply

Simply contact your Aetna Singapore representative or send an email to for further instructions.

All other terms and conditions of your plan as set out there in shall remain unchanged unless otherwise expressly agreed to in writing by us and shall continue in full force and effect.


If you have questions or concerns about your coverage or entitlements, please contact your account manager, or Aetna International’s CARE team who will be happy to help:

  • Log in to the Health Hub — your secure member website.
  • Call the number on the back of your member ID card. 

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