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What to do when you’ve been diagnosed with cancer

Looking ahead: understanding your cancer diagnosis

Cancer describes diseases in which abnormal cells divide without control and can invade nearby tissues. Cancer cells can spread throughout the body through the blood and lymph systems.

Following these principles and making the most of your Aetna International benefits and resources can help you live your best life with cancer:

Living strong, every day

  • While living with the disease, focus on your physical, mental and emotional health. This helps your body to fight infections, recover and heal faster.
  • To get back on your feet, you’ll need to use your muscles and joints. Exercise can make them strong and limber. Ask your doctor for ways to stay as active as possible.
  • And keep in close contact with your doctor or other health care provider. They’ll answer any questions about your treatment. Remember to report side effects when you take your medicine.

Stay on track

  • Following your treatment plan and doctor’s direction may help you prevent symptoms and disease progression. So make sure you take your medicine as your doctor prescribes. If you’re concerned about side effects, talk with your care team.

Further reading and information

Count on us for support

Simple lifestyle changes can help reduce the risk of developing chronic conditions, including cancer. Register or login to the Health Hub to contact the CARE team

At Aetna International, we believe in helping people on the path to better health.

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