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4 Typical treatment costs in Dubai

4 typical treatment costs in Dubai

By Mark Rostron · June 19, 2014

Generally speaking medical facilities for expatriates in Dubai are very good with many modern clinics and hospitals. In fact there are several clinics across Dubai that provide a range of medical services and speciality healthcare.¹

Options for healthcare cover in Dubai are limited to a government health card and/or private health insurance. Private medical treatment is expensive though, so many expats living in Dubai elect to take out an international medical insurance plan. As an example, a visit to a medical practitioner will set you back around AED500 (US$136) per visit and that does not include blood tests or any other type of tests that might be required.²

As proof of how costly things can be, here are 4 typical treatment costs in Dubai:³

  • Total knee replacement – US$24,523 (AED90,070.53)
  • Angiography-plasty with 2 stents to repair blocked heart arteries – US$19,074 (AED70,056.89)
  • Laparoscopic hysterectomy – US$14,986 (AED55,042.08)
  • Adenotonsillectomy to remove adenoids and tonsils – US$4,360 (AED16,013.84)

International medical insurance plans offer expats a choice of wide-ranging cover for in-patient, daycare and out-patient treatment plus medical evacuation and repatriation. This will undoubtedly provide peace of mind for their life in Dubai and for protection outside of Dubai too.

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3Costs obtained from InterGlobal’s claim experience