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Health insurance provides personalised care for disabled woman hit by car

Anne never saw the car that hit her as she was crossing the street in her wheelchair.

And the driver could never have imagined how much behind-the-scenes support would be needed to help restore her health and quality of life. 

The most vulnerable of victims

Anne was no stranger to health challenges. She had been born with cerebral palsy, which affected her mobility enough to need a wheelchair. But the severe injuries and serious medical complications she suffered from the car accident meant she would face weeks of hospitalisation. And the doctors said she would require lengthy rehabilitation followed by an extensive stay in a skilled nursing facility.

International Care Management program for the caregiver

For her mother, Mary, this news was extremely distressing. Through several decades of caring for her daughter, she had been her strongest ally. Making sure Anne was able to live as full a life as possible was her mission — and then the accident threatened to take that all away.

As an Aetna International member, Mary turned to Peg McDaniel on our care management team for help. The care management team supports members with everything from care management to treatment authorisations and emergency medical evacuations.

From the very beginning, Peg was the family’s voice and right hand. She took the time to understand Anne’s complicated medical challenges and post-hospitalisation needs. She reached beyond our network to find the facility that would provide Anne with the best possible continuing care. And recognising the higher costs of that out-of-network care, she worked with our negotiating team to get those costs lower.

Navigating rough seas

“Peg has been invaluable orchestrating the insurance maze of the horrific case surrounding my daughter’s accident,” says Mary. “I have come to rely on her for everything. There are so many layers to this case, but she has handled every detail with impeccable efficiency. She has intervened with the different agencies by phone, mail and email, and has resolved many issues that I was worried about. She has also been proactive in initiating certain matters that I have been hesitant to discuss.”

Because Anne’s customised power wheelchair was destroyed in the accident, she needed a replacement. When Mary told Peg that its delivery was being held up by the durable medical equipment company, Peg convinced company representatives to schedule their required in-person visit right away to prevent further delays.

Personalized attention

Today, as Anne recovers from her injuries, Mary continues to express her deep gratitude for everything Peg has done for the family during such a trying, stressful period.

“I know I am not the only case that Peg is working on, but she makes me feel like I am her only concern,” she writes. “If you have any employee awards, I absolutely and wholeheartedly vote for Peg. Her professionalism, attention to detail, listening ability and follow-through are incredible.”

As an Aetna International member, our care management team is standing by when you or your loved ones need one-to-one support. If you’d like to learn more about our health and wellness services for expats, get in touch with one of our expert consultants.

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