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What is Aetna Security Assistance powered by WorldAware

Frequently asked questions

Many expats live abroad in safe places where civil unrest and other safety and security crises are limited. For others, war, terrorist attacks, coups and natural disasters are a constant threat. That’s why Aetna International has a team of global security specialists to ensure eligible members and their families are kept safe from harm through a wide range of security advice and assistance services.

What is Aetna Security Assistance powered by WorldAware?

Cape Town based global security specialist, WorldAware, is Aetna International’s crisis response partner. Their expert intelligence teams provide our eligible members with 24/7 advice on staying safe and well-informed overseas, while their international network of security consultants are on hand to help you prepare for travel and provide support during a crisis anywhere in the world.

Intelligence gathering

At the heart of Aetna Security Assistance’s operations is intelligence gathering. Drawing on a network of trusted sources, Aetna Security Assistance monitor security activity worldwide, ensuring they’re among the first to know if a threat situation arises. Analysts collect information from local contacts, track news channels and social network activity, and pass the details through to regional desks for distribution. Our eligible members can then use that information to make decisions about any upcoming travel plans, whether that’s a single business trip to a high-risk area or a family relocating as part of an extended international assignment.

Cultural awareness

Staying safe while in an unfamiliar country and getting to know a new culture are important considerations for individuals moving abroad for a new lifestyle, or those on assignment. Aetna Security Assistance can provide personalised city security briefs, as well as a comprehensive list of “dos and don’ts” specific to a new country of residence; including what to wear to meetings, how to greet associates, and dining out.

Data distribution

Intelligence gathered by the regional desks is distributed through a number of channels, all free of charge to Aetna International members with eligible plans. These include:

Expert safety advice and assistance that’s just a phone call away

A team of multilingual representatives, political risk analysts and crisis support specialists are available 24/7 to provide safety advice and assistance.

Country intelligence and security advice on countries and cities around the world

WorldAware provides extensive global coverage with comprehensive intelligence on over 220 countries and territories, and over 500 cities, worldwide.

Personalised travel reports and safety briefings

Have your specific question or concern addressed directly by an analyst. Submit a request for bespoke location-based analysis and information in relation to a developing or existing situation, delivered in either a written or verbal format.

Email and text alerts for up-to-the-minute information on civil unrest, natural disasters and travel disruptions

WorldAware email or text alerts enable you to make well-informed decisions and include detailed coverage of notable and significant incidents that could impact security or movement and provide forewarning of events or developments that could have disruptive or dangerous implications in the near future.

A daily summary of worldwide security news

The Daily Intelligence Brief provides information about global noteworthy, risk-related events and developments. It is published Monday through Friday and offers you in-depth coverage of current issues across the globe.

Aetna Security Assistance’s intelligence helps inform Aetna International eligible members’ decisions through the provision of country intelligence for example, but if a security threat arises, they can also be reassured that a team of experts is on hand to provide the support they need.

Staying safe in unfamiliar territory

With growing levels of insecurity worldwide, many of our members are increasingly aware of potential threats to their personal safety. Aetna Security Assistance provides members with access to expert advice and support, 24/7, remaining secure in the knowledge that if a crisis does happen, a specialist team will be available to help them out.

Aetna Pioneer individual members (no matter which Pioneer plan they choose: 1750, 2500, 4000, 5000 or 5000+) have access to the Aetna Security Assistance support services.  

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