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Regional Entities

Entities carrying on or administering insurance business in relation to individuals only

The insurer carrying on insurance business in relation to the plan is the one shown below which is permitted to carry on insurance business in your location under legal and regulatory requirements applicable to us, you and/or the plan at any given time (the relevant time). This excludes, at any relevant time, any insurer (whether listed below or otherwise) which is not permitted to carry out insurance business in your location at that relevant time. The administrator of your plan is also shown below.

Nothing herein shall constitute or form part of any co-branding and none of the entities shall be regarded as co-branding with any other entity in relation to the plan or any other services/products which such entity is not authorised or licensed to provide. In addition, nothing herein shall be deemed to constitute a partnership between any of the entities nor constitute any entity the agent of any other entity for any purpose.

Below is a list of insurers with their Registration Number (RN), along with their registered address, regulatory details and administrator information.

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