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Tackling Polarized Perceptions of Corporate Health and Wellness

Annual international study

Employer and employee perceptions of corporate health and well-being benefits aren’t static. They change over time. The Global Perceptions of Corporate Health and Wellness Survey helps organisations better understand the health priorities of their workforce and, in turn, helps improve employee health, happiness, and productivity … not to mention their own bottom line.

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The survey is conducted annually across four major global markets: the U.S., U.K., Singapore and UAE. The data collected from the survey provides unique insights from 4,000 employees and more than 1,000 Human Resource Directors. The study’s findings are relevant for:

Human resources        |        Finance leads         |         Culture strategists         |        Global mobility leads         |         Business owners

 Insights to inform your well-being strategies

Explore the insights

 Year-on-year data comparisons of:

  • The gap between employer-employee perceptions of benefits and utilization
  • The changes in employee demand for employer-provided physical and mental health support
  • The influence of benefits on talent attraction and retention
  • The stigma and perceptions of mental health and sick leave
  • The greatest work-related pressures and their impact on employee health

Use the data and insights

Apply the latest expert insights to help your organisation:

  • Bend the curve on health care costs
  • Understand workforce health risk profiles
  • Mould benefits solutions to suit populations
  • Harness existing benefits
  • Engage employees and influence behaviours

Tackling Perceptions of Corporate Health and Wellness 2022

Conducted in September 2021, Aetna International’s survey of employees across multiple regions explores employers’ values, policies and communication around corporate health and wellness. It also highlights the progress made during the COVID-19 pandemic and the work that must continue to ensure happy, healthy workplaces.

Tackling Perceptions of Corporate Health and Wellness 2021

Conducted in September 2020, Aetna International’s global employer-employee survey provides unique insights into how businesses recognise and manage the health priorities of their workforce and how COVID-19 is impacting this.

Tackling Perceptions of Corporate Health and Wellness 2020

Our first survey revealed the gulf between employer- provided benefits and employee expectations, awareness, understanding and experiences. While employers think they’re doing a good job of supporting people’s physical and mental health, employees don’t agree.

Products and plans built for whole-person health

As a leading international health and wellness benefits provider, we put our members at the heart of personal, convenient and affordable care, which is delivered at home, in the community or in the palm of the hand. We make it easy for people to look after their whole-self every day – mind, body and spirit.

Summit (for groups)   Group icon

When your people thrive, your business does too. Summit is an innovative, flexible solution that helps people make proactive choices that positively impact their total well-being and gives them access to quality health care when and where it’s needed most.

Pioneer (for individuals)   Individual icon

Wherever life takes you, live it to the full. Pioneer is designed around you, your family and your circumstances. With a true health and wellness partner on your side, you’ll get the care and help you need to make informed decisions about your total health and well-being every step of the way.

Our research highlights that, in the last 12 months, progress has been made to bridge the gulf that exists between the benefits employers are offering and what employees want and need from their health and wellness benefits. Yet, a sizeable gap still exists — particularly in relation to mental health. We enhance our industry leading health and wellness plans to help organisations close this gap and meet the mental health and whole-person health needs of today’s employees head on. International health care should be personal, convenient and affordable and should always go together with local insights and expertise. That’s why each of our products is carefully tailored to meet the short- and long-term needs of employees no matter where they live.

Caroline Pain, VP Customer Proposition, Aetna International

Photo of Caroline Pain 

If you’re an employer who wants to provide health and well-being support for your employees, why not get in touch with us in your region today?

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