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An expat's guide to Spain

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The rugged landscapes, rich cultural history and reliably warm weather have long been a draw for expats looking for a healthy, southern European lifestyle. It is already home to established communities of foreigners nestled into the country’s laid-back lifestyle, but it would be a mistake to think that the only opportunities in Spain revolve around the thriving industries supporting tourists and retirees. Despite the recent economic downturn, there is still specialist employment to be found in areas such as IT, English teaching, medicine and construction to name a few. What better way to immerse yourself in the rich culture, architecture, art, and food of this diverse country, than to settle amongst its warm, welcoming, family-oriented people?

However, before taking the plunge and moving, there are some concerns that you should address before. These include access to health care, the financial stability of property markets, lower wages and the potential language barrier.

Doctors analyzing medical documents Doctors analyzing medical documents

Health insurance for Spain

If you're planning on moving to Spain, you're probably busy making plans for getting your job situation sorted out and arranging accommodation.

Learn more about health care in Spain


multi generation family enjoying meal multi generation family enjoying meal

Living in Spain: a comprehensive guide

Discover the benefits of living in Spain and find out everything you need to know about the lifestyle.

Read more about life in Spain

How to find work

When looking for a job in Spain, it’s good to arm yourself with a certain degree of realism.

Tips to help you find work in Spain

Tips for adapting to the Spanish way of working

Spain is a country rich in cultural history, a history which influences every aspect of society even down to its working day.

What’s it like to work in Spain

Spanish business etiquette

The Spaniards’ famously relaxed attitude to timekeeping does not extend to you being late for your first business meeting!

Here’s what you should know about doing business in Spain

Choosing where to live

Spain is a land steeped in a rich and diverse cultural heritage rooted in its Roman Catholic religion and the occupations the country has experienced.

Here are some popular areas to live in Spain

What’s it like to live in Spain?

There is a good reason that so many people emigrate to Spain in so many ways, it’s a wonderful place to live.

Learn more about living in Spain

The cost of living

In terms of the overall cost of living, Spanish cities compare very favourably with many other cities across the globe.

Learn more about the cost of living in Spain

Buying property

Although bearing similarities, the legal and administrative process of buying property in Spain differs from that of other European countries.

Check out our 10-step guide to buying property in Spain

How to save money in Spain

It is undoubtedly true that the cost of living in Spain has risen over the last few years.

Check out these suggestions for saving money in Spain

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