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How to Make a Claim

Our claims process

Accessing health care when you need it is your priority ― and we're always here to help you with that. But we recognize it's also important that you get reimbursed for money you've spent on health care services in a timely, efficient fashion. That's where medical claims submission comes into play. The process actually starts BEFORE you complete a claim form, so here's what you can do to make it go smoothly.

Let our friendly illustrated character ‘Scoop’ show you how easy it is to make a claim in this quick start video guide.


You'll need to request a referral letter from your medical practitioner or specialist if you plan on submitting a claim for any of the following services:

  • Chiropractic treatment
  • Acupuncture treatment
  • Osteopathic treatment
  • Homeopathic treatment
  • Podiatric treatment
  • Physiotherapy (additional referral by a specialist required after 10 sessions)

Before you submit your claim

Make sure you know and have on hand the following:

  • Your member ID number and contact information to put on forms and supporting documents
  • Complete details such as the date and description of service and the reason for your visit
  • All necessary supporting documents, including itemized bills, original receipts, certificates and X-rays
  • Your preferred method for how you'd like to be reimbursed ― Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT), wire transfer or check―and in which of more than 157 currencies we offer payment
  • Your bank name, account number, routing number, contact number and other information when choosing reimbursement via EFT

How to submit a claim online

Submitting a claim online is the most efficient method. After logging in to your secure member website, follow these steps:

  1. Click "Claims Center," then "Submit claims"
  2. Complete your claim online
  3. Copy, scan and upload your supporting documents, including itemized bills, original receipts
  4. Click "submit claim" to complete the process
  5. After you submit your completed claim form, you will receive a notification by e-mail to confirm that it has been submitted successfully.

How to submit a claim by fax, email or traditonal mail

You can also submit a claim by traditional mail, email or secure fax. Mailing addresses and fax numbers are included on your form for your convenience. Don't forget to make copies of everything you mail for your own records.

After logging in to your secure member website, follow these steps:

  1. Click "Forms," from the navigation menu
  2. Download the form you need
  3. Complete the PDF or Word document online OR download, print and complete the form by hand
  4. Attach all necessary supporting documents, including itemized bills, original receipts, certificates and X-rays

How to update or check on a previous claim submission

If you need to update or check on the status of a specific claim you submitted online, simply find the claim reference number by clicking the appropriate button on the "Submit a claim" screen. Your history of claims that you submitted online is all there, complete with the reference tracking numbers.

Click "submit claim" to complete the process

Remember: Original receipts should be kept on file in case they are needed for verification purposes. We recommend you submit claims within 180 days, however, please refer to your plan documents or contact Member Services to confirm your plan's exact requirements.

Go Mobile!

Submit and manage your claims wherever you go through our International Mobile Assistant, a free application that puts the most important features of your secure member website at your fingertips. This app is one of several tools that help you stay connected to the information and updated resources you need.

Find out more about our mobile apps >

Log in to your secure member website now to:

  • Submit a claim
  • Make changes to a claim you have submitted
  • Check on the status of a claim

For questions or assistance, contact our 24-hour Member Service Center.

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