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Your Well-being

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Mind — Support for your emotional well-being

  • Self-help tools: Health articles, webinars and special offers on leading behavioral health apps and programs
  • Professional services: Confidential coaching and counseling programs as part of our comprehensive Employee Assistance Program.

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Body — Resources to help maintain physical health

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Specially selected member offers

Valuable and carefully chosen offers on leading well-being apps and programs, including:

  • Wysa: Immediate, confidential support for emotional well-being (Thru 2020, we’re making Wysa’s in-app buddy support and premium digital self-help packs free for you. We’re also funding one free initial coaching session.)
  • Kaia: If you struggle with back or neck pain, the Kaia app may be just what you need. Kaia can show you how to correctly perform therapeutic exercises known to help provide pain relief. (Free for a year)

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Because we’re backed by CVS Health, you will be able to take advantage of more resources, more innovation, more integrated care, lower costs and greater convenience than ever before.

Thank you again for the trust you’ve put in us. We’re pleased to have you as a member of the Aetna family and look forward to helping you reach your best health.


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