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Building a healthier world

Aetna International is part of Aetna® and the CVS Health® family of companies. We’re one of the industry’s largest and most experienced benefits providers with a 170-year heritage and 60+ years in global medical benefits. We support expatriates, inpatriates, local nationals and business travelers with access to care in over 200 countries and territories.

This scale and expertise enables us to provide unmatched health solutions, holistic care and peace of mind in every health moment that matters across the globe. 

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International expertise 

As international benefits experts, we support our customers’ globally mobile workforces by providing an innovative array of solutions that help them navigate the complexities and challenges of foreign assignments. Through international health care access, personalized care management, physical and mental well-being resources, and crisis support, we’re with them every step of the way.

Plus, our in-depth local market knowledge ensures we’re meeting the strict compliance regulations required of health insurance plans in certain regions of the world.

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It’s all for you

Employers want their globally mobile employees to thrive on assignment. We help them do that by simplifying the international health care experience. Making it more affordable, more accessible and less complicated.

A perfect example of this is our recent move to 100% coverage for care outside the United States.1 With no member costs on covered benefits, there’s less to think about and do. This is just one way we’re innovating to make the international health care experience better.

And it’s working! Member satisfaction is at 98% and our customer retention average is 95%.2,3

Why Aetna

Expertise and innovation

Our extensive international health care expertise lets us address unique customer challenges with innovative plans and products that help control health care costs and minimize complexity. 

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Simplified access to care

Bringing a deep understanding of international standards and cultures, we provide unrivaled access to care through our extensive provider network — all while making the health care journey easier to navigate wherever our members are in the world.

Peace of mind

We’re with people through every step of their health care journey. For our customers and members, that means we meet them where they are by providing value, making care easier to access, promoting healthy habits and ultimately, increasing productivity.

1 100% coverage applies to covered benefits only. It includes no deductible, no copay and no coinsurance for care received outside of the U.S, U.S. Territories and Cayman; other coverage limits apply.

2 Aetna International Americas Operations call quality member survey results for January through June 2022.

3 Based on financial snapshot and consolidated results as of Q3 2022.