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China night skyline

A guide to life in China

  • Mysterious in some ways and definitely diverse, China is one of the most fascinating countries in the world. As a growing centre of opportunity China is an increasingly attractive country for work, exploration, and adventure. China is the world’s fastest largest economy, but this is also a country where old traditions sit with contemporary innovations. China is definitely a land of opportunity but it’s hidebound by bureaucracy and government legislation.

    Once you’ve made the decision to travel in or move to China, learning Mandarin will help you communicate and learn more about this intriguing country. Each province is very different, often astonishingly beautiful, and you’ll soon fall in love with China.

  • Making sure of your health

    The Chinese health care system is currently undergoing huge change.After years of stagnation, a report published by consultants Deloitte in 2015 revealed that annual expenditure on health care is expected to rise to 11.8% by 2018.

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  • Keeping safe in China

    According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), TB is still prevalent in China and is among the six countries that accounted for 60% of new cases across the globe in 2015. If you’re considering travelling close to the Chinese/ Myanmar border, Yunnan, you should be aware of the prevalence of malaria.

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  • Business colleagues shaking hands Business colleagues shaking hands

    Starting the work adventure

    Finding work in any country can be difficult, and if you're looking for work in China it's always best to have a contact within the country or work for a company that has overseas offices in China. The number of foreigners working in China is growing by an annual 3.9% with 848,500 foreign residents recorded as living in China in 2013.

    Here’s what you’ll want to know about finding work in China before you move

  • Learning about Chinese work practices

    Working overseas has always been a case that you'll have to learn new routines, come to terms with what is and what isn't acceptable, and the same applies to China. Expats working for Chinese companies will find that their rights differ from those working in an international company.

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  • How to achieve business success

    In a country where saving face is seen as an important business attribute and the word ‘yes’ doesn’t always signify agreement, it’s important that you come to terms with Chinese business etiquette. One of the most important principles of doing business in China is to understand the importance of ‘saving face.' Understanding this deep-seated tradition will help you and your business in China.

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  • China’s top cities for expats

    China is a huge country, and most expats tend to live in the areas where they have the most business opportunities. Some professions, including teachers, may live further out in the provinces, but in general, most expats tend to make their lives in China's main cities.

    Here are some popular areas to live in China

  • Cultural differences and pleasures in China

    China is a country of contrasts and often very bewildering for expats.It takes time to adjust to the customs and culture of the country, and the rapid changes that are taking place in both the economic and political sphere mean that the country is still in the process of development.

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  • Mother and daughter with coin bank Mother and daughter with coin bank

    The low cost of living

    You'll soon discover when you arrive in China that the cost of living depends on whether you work for a Chinese or a Western company. With average salaries for a Chinese worker in the private sector being compared to those of a cleaner in Thailand, and the fact that an expat middle manager can command a salary package of £22178 when working for a Western concern, salaries across China and Chinese industry vary.

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  • Adventures in real estate

    Thanks to worries that China's economic growth may be slowing down, the restrictions on property purchase for foreigners have been lifted. It's only recently that expats have been allowed to invest in property in China, the regulations changed in 2015.

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  • Couple looking at shop windows Couple looking at shop windows

    Counting your pennies

    It's always possible to save money, and as the Chinese have been trading and cutting deals for over 5,000 years, you could learn from the masters of the art of haggling.

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