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A guide to life in Thailand

It’s not just the idyllic beaches, tropical islands and warm, welcoming, fun-loving people that appeal to foreigners thinking of relocating to Thailand. Recent government investment in infrastructure and a recovering economy means there are increasing employment opportunities for those with skills in specialist areas. An excellent standard of living, great health care, private schooling, as well as thriving expat communities can be found both in the large, modern cities like the capital Bangkok but also in places like the tropical island of Phuket. Year-round warm weather, a rich cultural heritage and an engaging, largely Buddhist culture, make Thailand an excellent destination for those looking to settle somewhere new.

Relocating to a different area of the world can be an exciting but risky project, and a move to Thailand is no exception. The warm weather and monsoon climate bring with them their own challenges and although there are many excellent English-speaking health care facilities, insurance cover is essential. It is also important to consider where you would like to live, as many rural areas do not enjoy the same standard of living as the cities.

Taking care of your health insurance

If you are considering a long-term relocation to Thailand, addressing the health care needs of you and your family should be an integral part of your advance planning.

Here’s what you’ll want to know about health care in Thailand before relocating

Recommended vaccinations before you go

Knowing you and your loved ones have the necessary vaccinations gives you peace of mind when relocating to another country.

Here’s the vaccinations you should get before travelling to Thailand

Money-saving tips for your time in Thailand

Thailand is renowned for its low cost of living, but there are always ways to save a little extra.

Check out these suggestions for spending less in Thailand

Deciding to buy a property

In Thailand, it is against the law for foreign nationals or expatriates to purchase land.

Here are the challenges of buying property in Thailand

Comparing the cost of living

One of the main attractions of moving to Thailand is the low cost of living compared to many countries, as well as many other expatriate destinations.

Here’s why living in Thailand is inexpensive … relatively speaking

Expatriate life in Thailand

There are hundreds of thousands of expatriates from all over corners of the globe living in Thailand and the country has worked hard to ensure that migrants feel welcome.

Find out what it’s like to live in Thailand

Deciding where to live

With its seductive combination of sprawling urban cities and tropical beaches, Thailand is a popular expatriate destination. It also boasts a relatively low cost of living, and, depending on the area, can offer a variety of different lifestyles.

Here are the popular areas to live in Thailand

Understanding Business Etiquette

Whether you're working for a multinational corporation in Bangkok, or teaching scuba diving in Koh Tao, it pays to be mindful of the local business customs in Thailand.

Learn more about local business customs in Thailand

Top tips for working in Thailand

Working in Thailand, is, in many ways, culturally very different from working in the UK or the U.S. as well as in many other countries across the globe. Some elements will be familiar, whereas others may take some adjusting to.

Here are some tips for working in Thailand

Finding work in Thailand

After the events of the 2014 military coup, Thailand went from boasting the fastest growing economy in Southeast Asia, to one that was shrinking.

Learn more about finding work in Thailand

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