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Need help with log-in or registration?

If you’re having trouble logging in or registering with us, you’ll find some helpful information here. You’ll be accessing a world of health and wellness tools and resources in no time at all.

Why register?

Managing your health and well-being should be simple. And it is, with Health Hub — our secure member website that’s fast and easy to use on any device. No matter where in the world you are, Health Hub is at your fingertips with tools, resources and information, including:

  • Your plan and policy information
  • Access to doctors, hospitals and health care wherever you are*
  • An online claims centre
  • Our health library of information to help keep you fit and healthy
  • International Health Guides with vaccination and general health care advice for wherever you’ll be travelling
  • Well-being resources including self-help guidance, professional assistance and valuable offers on leading mind and body apps and services

*subject to applicable law and regulation 

Watch this video to learn more

Who can register?

The primary plan holder/main member in an Aetna International plan and dependents can register for online Health Hub access.

  • A primary plan holder is the main member or the individual under whom the plan is held. For example, the employee of the company who sponsors the plan.
  • Dependents are members who are covered under the primary plan holder/main member. For example, the family members of the employee or main member. Age restrictions for dependents may vary from country to country.

What information do I need to register?

All you need to get started is your name, date of birth, and Member ID (the unique Member ID number assigned to you; found on your Member ID card). We will guide you through setting up an account with a username (email) and password that meet our security requirements.
Click here to register.

Why won't the site accept my first and last (family) name entry?

When entering your first and last name, please enter your first and last name as they are shown on your plan documents or Member ID card. 

How do I enter my date of birth?

When entering your date of birth, please use the drop-down options on the registration site in this format: day, followed by month, followed by year. 

Where do I find my Member ID number?

Your Member ID number is your plan number. It is located on the back of your Member ID card. 

Where do I find my CSA number and registration key?

As an Aetna International WorldTraveler Member, your "CSA#" is printed on the front of your Member ID card. The "registration key" is listed on the letter you received with your Member ID card. 

When will I be able to access my Health Hub information? 

  • As an Aetna International plan member, you can access your personalised information on Health Hub after your plan inception date
  • As an Aetna International WorldTraveler member, you can access your online information immediately
  • As an Aetna International individual member, you can access your online information within 24 hours of successful registration

What if I have already registered for another Aetna website?

If you have already registered with another Aetna website, such as Aetna Health, you can use the same user name and password to log in to Health Hub. 

Log-in information

How do I retrieve my username?

If you've forgotten your username, don't worry. We can help. We just need to verify that the information you've provided matches our records. Once verified, we'll send you an email with details you can use to log in.

Click here to retrieve your username.

How do I reset my password?

If you have forgotten your password, we can help you create a new one. We just need to verify that the information you have provided matches our records. 

Click here to create a new password.

Why am I getting an 'Account Locked' error message when I try to log in? 

If you have attempted to log in and entered incorrect information three times, your account will be locked and you will need to contact the Member Services Team (hyperlinked to contact details page).

Please have the following information available if you are having problems logging in or registering: 

  • Member ID number which can be found on your Member ID card
  • Name and date of birth of the primary plan holder/main member

For further assistance, please contact the Member Services Team. Click here to find the appropriate contact details.

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