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Aetna Abroad™

What is Aetna Abroad™?

It’s the Aetna International global network outside of the United States.

The Aetna International network includes millions of quality providers and facilities. In the U.S., members access the broad Aetna® national network. Outside of the U.S., members access Aetna AbroadTM. It brings together:

  • Pre-screened doctors and hospitals that we contract with directly in some regions and through curated strategic relationships with network partners in other regions   
  • A simpler, often cashless, experience for members thanks to direct pay arrangements with network providers and our plans with no member cost share for care received outside of the U.S.  
  • Expert knowledge of local health care systems and country-specific regulations 
  • Leading cost containment capabilities and network savings

Aetna Abroad delivers simplicity, access to expert care and value for customers and members: