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Navigating expat assignment lifecycle challenges

Addressing the concerns of assignees
and their families today

As a valued partner, we want to help you achieve exceptional outcomes for your assignees and your organization. We’ve taken an in-depth look at the complexities of the expat assignment lifecycle and developed the Expat Assignment Evolution. It’s full of new insights and actionable strategies designed with employers in mind.

Our goal is to address the most pressing health and well-being challenges that expat assignees and their families face, and which pose the greatest threat to the success of an assignment. 


Our latest whitepaper is based on our experience, expertise, and comprehensive research. You will find: 

  • Essential value and ROI metrics for fostering a fulfilling and productive assignment lifecycle
  • Phases and key challenges in the expat assignment lifecycle, in a quick-view infographic
  • 13 key professional and personal challenges impacting assignees and families today
  • Emerging trends shaping the expat assignment lifecycle with this visually compelling infographic
  • 8 key characteristics of successful assignees and optimize support for assignment success



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The expat lifecycle


International assignments don’t begin and end at airports. Instead, they begin with preparation and end with returning home, cycling through five distinct phases along the way.

Of course, international assignments often include air travel, but the turbulence doesn’t only happen 36,000 feet up. Turbulent situations on the ground can lead to assignment failure — a result that comes with steep financial and emotional costs.

Understanding the expat lifecycle is an important first step in assignment success.

Benefits of international assignments

We want to empower you with invaluable insights and guidance, enabling you to proactively support your international assignees when and where it’s crucial. In this whitepaper, we’ll explore key concerns and how organizations can address them. Our research has encompassed a wide range of academic studies, journals and papers, industry reports and articles to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the challenges associated with international assignments today. What we’ve learned can help organizations gain a deeper understanding of the expat assignment landscape, adapt their strategies accordingly and proactively establish support systems to ensure the success and well-being of their assignees and their families.


Together, we can navigate the complexities of global mobility, maximize assignee 
well-being and achieve exceptional outcomes for your organization



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