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How to contact us by email

Letter of Authorization (LOA) requests: click here

Guarantee of Payment (GOP) requests: click here

Claim submissions by email*: click here

Claim status inquiries: click here

Transactions you can do online

Please log in to the Aetna International secure provider website to perform the transactions listed below:

  • Letter of Authorization (LOA) requests
  • Claim upload for payment processing
  • Claim status inquiries
  • View explanation of benefits (EOB)

Invoice requirements

Please make sure each invoice has the following:

  • Member name and ID number (from the member's Aetna International identification card)
  • Name of the member's employer
  • Complete description for each procedure
  • Patient name
  • Complete name and address of the provider
  • Date of service for each procedure
  • Amount charged for each procedure, including the currency
  • Amount that you have collected from the patient, including the currency
  • Diagnosis, nature of illness

Note: Medical records may be requested depending on services or condition

Important information on patient services

Not every medical service or supply is covered by the plan, even if that service or supply is prescribed, recommended or approved by a provider. Coverage is available for only those services and supplies that are medically necessary. If you have any questions about a procedure, medication or device, please contact us.

Not registered?

Learn more about secure provider registration here

*Important reminder: Invoices must be submitted to Aetna International no later than 60 days from the date of service. Aetna International may not accept liability for payment of invoices received after the expiration of 60 days from the date of discharge of the insured person from the hospital or facility.

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