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Aetna Partners with EIO Solutions to Give Canadian Small Businesses a Chance to Compete

The health benefits giant taps into an emerging Employee Investment Optimization industry to help owners match the benefits offered by bigger competitors.

Toronto, ON (August 11, 2020): Aetna International has today announced that it is partnering with EIO Solutions, the company behind the Employee Investment Optimization management philosophy, to offer Canadian small business owners the industry’s most competitive health benefits solutions.

Small businesses budget fifty percent less for employee benefits than their larger competitors.1 With less competitive employee benefits, owners often struggle to attract the right talent, and their employees—and their families—must make do with sub-par coverage.

Aetna’s Sr. Director, Sales and Service for Aetna International Canada, Jason McCormick said this of the opportunity:

"Seventy percent of Canadians in the private sector work for small businesses;1 that’s over eight million Canadians whose health would improve with a better health benefits plan. We were drawn to re-enter the Canadian market to support this group. To engage with them and create high-value policies, we turned to a Canadian partner on a similar mission. For years, EIO Solutions has worked hand-in-hand with small business owners to gain control of—and get more value from—investments made in their workforce. The fit is perfect.”

With tailored plans blending traditional and self-insured options, clients save an average of 35 percent on their premiums, which they’re encouraged to reinvest in higher-value benefits. In addition, clients profit from EIO Solutions’ support for HR policies, government compliance, health and safety, and employee productivity. Money saved through efficiencies, avoided fines and lawsuits are reinvested in engagement strategies that position the small business owners as employers of choice.

With the partnership: EIO Solutions, now powered by Aetna, levels the playing field for all small businesses in Canada and empower their employees to live healthier, happier lives.

About EIO Solutions: EIO Solutions is Canada’s leader in Employee Investment Optimization. Through a cycle of cost savings and smarter investments, they turn clients into employers-of-choice, engage the best employees, and ensure the business is poised to thrive. (Web. LinkedIn)

About Aetna: Aetna International is committed to helping create a stronger, healthier global community by delivering comprehensive health care benefits and population health solutions worldwide. One of the largest providers of international private medical insurance, Aetna International serves more than 800,000 members worldwide, including expatriates, local nationals and business travelers. Its global benefits include medical, dental, vision and emergency assistance and, in some regions, life and disability. Aetna International also offers customised technological and health management solutions for health care systems, government entities and large employers to improve people’s health, enhance quality of care and contain costs. Aetna International is a subsidiary of Aetna, a CVS Health company, which serves an estimated 39 million people with information and resources to help them make better informed decisions about their health care. For more information, see or LinkedIn.

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