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Aetna International events for Employers

As an industry leading health and wellness company, Aetna believes in cultivating partnerships, not just products, and we are committed to building healthier communities around the globe.

Here you can find information about, and register your interest in, our upcoming events that are dedicated to employers. You can also browse through our previous events and see what Aetna has been up to.

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Well Being Work Summit 2021

Wellbeing @ Work Summits round table, London, date TBC in early 2022

‘Health Matters for the Workplace: How the pandemic has changed employees’ health insurance expectations’

Since the start of the pandemic, employees around the world have reassessed their mental, emotional and physical health care needs. Research has shown that they now have far greater expectations of the support and cover they receive from their employer than ever before, especially for their mental and emotional well-being. In this 60-minute round table, our medical and health insurance experts will take a deep-dive into what’s driving workplace performance today, why employees in every industry are demanding better support from their employers and why this is now a major factor in people’s job choices. We discuss what steps employers can take to boost performances, loyalty and retention, and attract the best talent. 

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Well Being Work Summit 2021

Wellbeing @ Work Summit London, 11 November 2021

In November 2021 we took part in the seventh annual UK Wellbeing @ Work Summit, a three-day event held in a hybrid format to allow guests to attend in person or remotely.

Our virtual session on 11 November was titled 'Health Matters for the Workplace: How the pandemic has changed employees’ health insurance expectations’.

Damian Lenihan, Executive Director - Operations and Distribution, Europe, and Dr Hemal Desai, Global Medical Director, updated attendees about trends in health insurance from the past year. They revealed how employees around the world now view their health and why the health care support they receive from their employer is more important to them than ever, especially for their mental and emotional well-being. Our leaders explained why this trend has put pressure on all employers to improve their health insurance and what they can do to not only meet expectations but use the opportunity to attract and retain the best talent, while also managing costs.

You can watch a full recording of the presentation online.

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Health Matters for the Workplace Event

Health Matters for the Workplace Panel

Health Matters for the Workplace: Long COVID

In the second event of our Health Matters for the Workplace series on 30 September, our virtual panel discussed post-acute COVID-19 syndrome, or long COVID, also known as long-haul COVID in some regions.

With almost 25% of COVID-19 patients developing long-lasting symptoms*, our panel of medical, legal, business and well-being experts explained how employers can support their employees with long COVID while still protecting their business. The event was perfect for C-suite executives, senior leaders and HR managers, benefits managers and well-being leads.

Workplace mental health campaigner, Rob Stephenson, founder of the InsideOut LeaderBoard and CEO of FormScore, and who is himself recovering from long COVID, chaired the panel, made up of:

  • Jodie Hill, Founder and Managing Partner at Thrive Law, a UK-based specialist in employment law
  • Mark S. Goldstein, Partner, Labour & Employment Group, at Reed Smith, a U.S.-based global law firm
  • Louise Aston, Well-being Campaign Director at Business in the Community
  • Susan Bright, Global Managing Partner for D&I and Responsible Business at global commercial law firm Hogan Lovells
  • Dr Hemal Desai, Global Medical Director, Aetna International.

After some time for Q&A, each panellist shared some practical tips for employers to better manage the difficult task of supporting their employees while balancing the needs of their business.

You can watch the full recording on our Health Matters for the Workplace homepage.

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Health Matters for the Workplace

Health Matters for the Workplace

Leaders discuss mental health and well-being at work

Our first ‘Health Matters for the Workplace’ for C-suite professionals took place on 17 June. Experienced leaders on our discussion panel talked about how organisations can set up the right environment and best invest in the mental health and well-being of their employees to produce high-performance workplaces.

Attendees learnt how senior leaders can create happier and healthier workforces, raise team members’ spirits and improve motivation to increase productivity and employee retention, and ultimately achieve better business results.

Mental health campaigner Rob Stephenson, founder of the InsideOut LeaderBoard and CEO of FormScore, chaired the panel of:

  • John Flint, former CEO of HSBC
  • Kirstin Furber, People Director at Channel 4
  • Richard Woodward, CFO at Hyperoptic
  • Helen Gillett, COO at BetterSpace
  • Simon Miller, Senior Proposition Lead at Aetna International.

“Leaders have one thing to do: look after their people,” said John. “As leaders we have the responsibility to create the best possible environment for our people, and we need to understand the links between leadership and well-being. The C-suite needs to take three actions: openly advocate for a mental health and well-being agenda; find the resources and put the infrastructure in place to support people; walk the talk and create a psychologically-safe environment for employees.”

Richard added: “Build a culture of authenticity, be authentic as a leader. Building a business case for good mental health is simply the right thing to do. It’s ultimately about the relationships you’re building with your partners. The biggest investment we can make is the investment of time.”

On the tricky subject of returning to offices after lockdown, Kirstin said: “We need to have a conversation with our teams and ask, ‘where do you do your best work?’, ‘what’s worked really well working virtually?’” Helen agreed: “Everybody’s circumstances are different – don’t make it a compromise that suits nobody.”

You can watch the full recording on our Health Matters for the Workplace homepage.

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Inside Out Awards Logo

Celebrating mental health at the InsideOut Awards 2021

We were proud to be part of the InsideOut Awards on 24 March, dedicated to promoting good mental health and the people and organisations who champion it. As part of our ongoing partnership with social enterprise InsideOut, which aims to smash the stigma of mental ill-health, we sponsored the Wellbeing Leader of the Year and Third Party Influencer categories.

The awards night, held virtually for the first time in the UK, was hosted by professional entertainer Em Stroud and included a DJ set by InsideOut founder Rob Stephenson. Over 250 guests enjoyed an evening of networking and entertainment, billed as the ‘best night in in 2021’.

The judges named 63 inspirational finalists from over 200 entries in 2019/2020. The 23 winning teams and individuals represented employers as diverse as universities, banks, consulting firms, NHS trusts, supermarkets and oil companies around the UK.

Proud sponsors and finalists

We were a finalist in the Best Mental Health Initiative in Lockdown category thanks to our many original initiatives that included ‘Let’s Get Talking’, ‘WISE‘ and ‘Step Around the World’. The judges were also impressed by the valuable resources we’ve made available to our employees to support their physical, emotional and mental well-being.

Damian Lenihan, Executive Director, Operations and Distribution, Europe, presented the awards on behalf of Aetna International. Rachel Czernobay, of international law firm CMS, picked up the prize for Wellbeing Leader of the Year. The Bank of England won the Third Party Influencer award for large companies, while the International WELL Building Institute won for SMEs. Congratulations to all three worthy winners!

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WellBeing at Work Event London November 2020 Logo

Wellbeing at Work London 2020
5 November 2020

It is well documented that the organisations that prioritise workplace wellbeing out-perform their competitors and thriving workplaces are more profitable and creative.

In its sixth year the Wellbeing at Work event returns to London but in a virtual setting. It’s a must attend event for HR, Benefit, Wellbeing & Business leaders to learn from experts and their peers about the latest well-being developments and successes that are enhancing individual and organisational performance in companies across the world.

We are proud to be participating in this event and will be sharing our experience of staying socially connected in a global organization through COVID-19. In addition, we will discuss how employers can harness the power of technology to mitigate against an ‘always-on’ culture and encourage their employees to shape the company's wellness culture by safeguarding their workers’ personal health data.

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WellBeing at Work Event Amsterdam October 2020 Logo

Talking about ‘The digital health dilemma — Is technology keeping employees healthy or making them ill?’

Technology has been vital to the way we live our lives, not only in a remote working capacity but as a driver for social connectedness. Currently, this not only contributes to an ‘always-on’ mindset but to stress and exhaustion. In the current situation, it’s an important conversation to have to ensure resilient well-being and robust mental health in our employees.

We are proud to have been part of the Well-being@Work Amsterdam summit  where CEO-EMEA David Healy, Caroline Pain, Senior Vice President, Customer Proposition and Dr Hemal Desai, Global Media Officer took part in an interesting panel discussion on the digital health dilemma.

We also held an interactive workshop in the afternoon, when Damian Lenihan, Executive Director, Europe, was joined by Sam Mckendrick, Vice President, HR, as well as Caroline and Hemal. The main takeaways attendees gained were a better understanding of the physical and mental well-being needs of employees and the need to better equip managers to improve the well-being of their teams.

For more information about the Digital Health Dilemma, you can read the full report here.

G24 The Global Mental Health Summit Logo

David Healy and Sneh Khemka speak at the world’s first 24-hour mental health conference, G24

As a response to the mental health and well-being challenges faced during these uncertain times, the world’s first 24-hour global mental health summit was held on 18 May to bring the world together virtually on the mental health agenda.

We were proud to be a part of this conversation as David Healy, CEO EMEA and Dr Sneh Khemka, VP of Population Health at Aetna International discussed the business of health, including the new definition of workplace well-being and how that translates into individuals and their teams.

You can also read this article by Dr Sneh Khemka, which reflects on the well-being lessons learnt  that will help businesses move forward and minimise the emotional and mental impact of COVID-19 for employees.

Listen to the full discussion

WellBeing at Work Event Dubai 3 March 2020 Logo

Talking about the business of health at Dubai’s Wellbeing@Work

At the beginning of March, David Healy, CEO EMEA, and Marco Bannerman, Executive Director – Distribution MEA, attended Dubai’s fourth Wellbeing@Work event which brought together forward-thinking leaders to discuss the latest well-being and mental health developments enhancing performance in companies across the Middle East region.

Marco was invited to join a distinguished panel in a lively debate about 'Wellbeing as an Integral Part of Culture and Employee Experience', while David hosted a lunchtime leadership round table on the 'Business of Health 2020 – Overcoming employee health inertia' for HR professionals. This was an opportunity to discuss the headline findings and implications from two global surveys that Aetna has recently commissioned 'Tackling polarised perceptions in corporate health and wellness' & 'Employee health inertia'.

For an infographic on some of the UAE-specific statistics in the report, please click here. You can also find out more about the event by watching this short video.