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Helping Governments

Helping governments improve access to affordable, quality health care

We're Aetna, a global leader in managing health with a 160+ year track record and more than 44 million members. We deploy our significant experience and expertise, and have a proven track record of working with governments in the Americas, the Middle East and Europe.
In short, we offer a unique combination of expertise, evidence-based solutions and proprietary technologies to help design, develop and operate world-class health systems.
We follow a rigorous, systematic and data-driven approach to improving health systems. Our five- step process is designed to deliver programmes across the health and care spectrum, from promoting wellness to preventing and managing disease to end-of-life care.

Meeting your social and financial objectives

Our solutions and technologies streamline health care delivery, reduce clinical errors and shape prevention-focussed health environments. This lays the foundation that helps us accomplish numerous important social and financial objectives.

Social objectives

  • Strengthen health care delivery
  • Educate to promote healthy lifestyles
  • Increase access to quality care
  • Improve quality of life

Financial objectives

  • Extract greater value for health care spending
  • Increase health system operational efficiency
  • Improve workforce productivity and retention

We meet these objectives by effectively managing health and supporting people at every point along the continuum of care: from those who are healthy ... to those at risk ... to those managing a chronic disease ... to those who have had a major health event ... to those nearing the end of their journey in life.

Our wellness and disease-management programmes allow clients to find, engage and help high-risk patients so they can proactively manage their health and prevent significant, costly health events.

Not just lots of data – lots of useful data

Compiling lots of data is one thing. Knowing what to do with it is another. At Aetna, we combine advanced technology with an advanced knowledge of health management to arrive at data that guides meaningful actions. The result is high-quality care at affordable costs.

Our proprietary technology

Our proprietary, state-of-the-art technology can link every part of your health system for better communication and workflow, enabling patient data to move seamlessly and securely through the system. What’s more, our technology exchanges and analyses clinical data to identify population health trends and help providers make informed clinical decisions.

We provide an advanced analytics platform that assimilates and centralises available health care data from a variety of sources across the entire care continuum, including claims and clinical data from providers, health care facilities and wellness vendors.

Transforming health care by transforming data

We’re experts at transforming data into useful insights to support the decision-making process for managing member health and wellness, reducing health care utilisation and costs and increasing patient satisfaction. Our integrated approach includes services designed to support numerous strategies.

Our technology provides secure data exchange across all providers and systems in order to:

  • Help manage member data with advanced clinical analytics
  • Identify gaps in care
  • Identify and manage clinical risk
  • Prevent medical errors

In addition, we manage health care utilisation in ways that streamline workflow and increase productivity.

Data intelligence solution: the big picture in brief

Rapidly evolving technology, shifting demographics and financial pressures are presenting opportunities and challenges to health systems around the world. The future viability of these systems will require:

  1. The knowledge to manage effectively across an ecosystem of stakeholders
  2. A durable and extendable technology foundation
  3. The ability to generate meaningful and action-oriented health insights

Aetna has proven end-to-end solutions to address these needs. They draw upon our proprietary, award-winning technology, delivery expertise and world-renowned health care management experience. We have crafted our solutions to provide both immediate and lasting value to your organisation.

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