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A guide to well-being in Hong Kong

Life in Hong Kong can result be stressful, but there’s plenty you can do to keep it at bay.

The fast pace of the office and a hectic social life can lead some to burnout or to suffer mental health problems. Following a psychiatric study carried out in 2017 by the Chinese University of Hong Kong, web-based mindfulness has been introduced to try to alleviate the symptoms of stress. By teaching meditation and contemplative techniques, based on Buddhist teachings, the study hopes that the population will recognise that nurturing mental health is as important as looking after physical well-being. The South China Morning Post has called on the authorities for action in this regard.

Here are some easy ways to combat stress and look after your well-being:

Traditional Chinese therapies

There are many ways to unwind in the region. A traditional Chinese massage will harmonise your Wu Xing elements to increase physical and mental equilibrium. The Chuan spas will introduce you to this technique as well as show you a range of food therapies, Chinese herbal medicines and acupuncture. If you are on a doctor-prescribed medical regime, you must inform your Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioner before taking any herbal remedies. You won’t see a miraculous cure after one visit to a clinic, but after several regular visits you should be feeling healthier and more relaxed.

The Chinese Medicine Council of Hong Kong has set up a statutory body to regulate the practice of Chinese Medicine across the peninsular. This body is responsible for licensing and examining practitioners, and manages the registration of proprietary Chinese medicines. The website is a helpful resource for finding local registered clinics and practitioners.

Keeping body and soul supple

Some of the best things in life are free, and this includes Tai Chi classes, which take place throughout Hong Kong. There’s a list of parks and venues on the Leisure and Cultural Services department website. Victoria and Kowloon parks are just two of many venues where you can start your day with this fluid exercise routine. Some of your fellow participants may well be in their 80s, and probably manage to retain their lithe supple bodies through this wonderfully graceful workout.

Positioning objects through Feng Shui

The popularity of positioning objects throughout your home and office to promote harmony and luck is renowned throughout the world. During your stay in Hong Kong, you can take advantage of the teachings of the professionals. If you adhere to the discipline’s principles, you may find that you can bring greater order and well-being into your life!

Visit a temple

While living in Hong Kong, try to explore some of the local Chinese culture. As well as being an interesting way of spending an afternoon, a visit to the Wong Tai Sin temple is a fascinating introduction to Buddhism, Confucianism and Dao. The site is also home to many smaller temples, making it the ideal place to immerse yourself in ancient Chinese religious culture. There’s a Mass Transit Railway (MTR) stop at the temple, so access is easy. It’s probably a good idea to avoid the temple complex during Chinese New Year, as the site will be packed with worshippers and families celebrating the event.

There are many ways to ease the stress of a relocation. Read about how other expat families cope with lifestyle and culture changes in our What Is Wellness survey.1

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