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Health insurance for Indonesia

Medical facilities in Indonesia are generally below Western standards throughout the islands.

Indonesia’s health care system ranks 92nd in the world according to the World Health Organisation, below Libya and Bangladesh.

In many regions, hospitals provide only basic facilities, and may require evidence of insurance coverage (or even up-front payment in cash) before providing treatment, including emergency care.  Private health care facilities are expensive but are more likely to have English-speaking staff and accept insurance coverage without the need for cash payments.

The UK, Canadian, and Australian governments all recommend that you take out comprehensive medical insurance that will cover all medical costs, including medical evacuation, before departing for Indonesia.  If your company provides health insurance, you are advised to check the coverage and ensure that it is adequate for you and your family before moving. Expatriates are not covered under the Indonesian national health insurance scheme, a scheme that is still in its infancy.

Indonesia does not have a nationwide medical emergency service.  You’re advised to look into private ambulance services before arriving. Medical evacuation to Singapore or Australia is recommended in the event of serious medical emergency or accident, and would almost certainly be prohibitively expensive (over £50,000 depending on the circumstances).   Treatment in Singapore or Australia may also be desirable for non-emergency conditions, and it is advisable to check your coverage for these situations also.

Be sure that your insurance covers you for the duration of your stay and for all activities that you will be engaged in, for instance motorcycle hire, water-skiing, and travel to rural areas.  Also ensure that you have the full course of recommended vaccines for your trip  and that you bring your own prescription medications with you.  Please check that your prescriptions are legal in Indonesia by contacting the Indonesian Embassy in your home country.

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