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A guide to expat life in Canada

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Culturally diverse, financially strong and with a high standard of living, Canada offers an easy-going yet exciting way of life to the newcomer. From chilly Montreal, to the high plain city of Calgary, over to temperate, coastal Vancouver, the country has a vast, beautiful landscape to explore.  Offering the kind of freedoms and lifestyle choices many from more developed nations will be familiar with and with a constant call for skilled personnel from around the world, Canada is the ideal destination for those looking for a new challenge.

Despite the advantages of relocating to a dynamic country such as Canada, there are many things to consider before planning a move. As good health and prosperity go hand-in-hand, it’s just as important to think about how you will provide for you and your family’s health care needs, as it is to consider the day-to-day financial ones.

Health insurance for Canada

Canada’s publicly funded health care system, informally nicknamed Medicare, is excellent. Ranked 30th in the world by the World Health Organization (WHO), it is considered better than the health care systems of the U.S. and Australia.

Find out more about health care in Canada

Vancouver British Columbia Canada Vancouver British Columbia Canada

Living in Canada

From weather and climate to culture and careers, here’s a helpful primer to living in Canada.

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couple moves into new house couple moves into new house

Moving to Canada: an essential guide

Canada is a vast and diverse country, with plenty of places to settle down and call home. Find out what you need to know about moving to Canada in this helpful guide

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Finding work in a new country

Canada has a long history of welcoming skilled immigrants to join its workforce. The work permit scheme is complex but it ensures that each province and territory is able to keep step with the needs of its people and industries.

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Top tips for working in Canada

The working environment in Canada is straightforward but respectful; all employees can expect to be treated with fairness.

Here’s what you should know about doing business in Canada

The business environment

Straightforward and honest, the business working environment can vary from area to area across Canada but there are a few general tips that will help to keep the boardroom a calm and productive place.

Find out how to fit in when working in Canada

Deciding where to settle down

Canada is a land of diversity, both in terms of culture and climate. From temperate areas in the south to subarctic conditions in the north, snowfall and sunshine rates are something to consider when thinking about relocating here.

Here are some popular areas to live in Canada

Calculating the cost of living

In general, the cost of living is lower in Canada than say, New York or London, but there are regional differences and a little research would be a good idea before deciding where to settle.

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Should you buy a property?

Property is in high demand in Canada. In some areas, low supply and a high occupancy rate have led to an increase in prices, but on the face of it, prices are generally lower than in cities such as London and New York.

Find out if you should rent or buy in Canada

Beautiful woman shopping Beautiful woman shopping

Finding ways to save money

Canada has a Westernised, consumer environment, so it is not uncommon to expect to be able to buy most things at a supermarket or mall. There are several major supermarket chains offering standardised merchandise at affordable prices.

Check out these suggestions for saving money in Canada

Yoga vlogger Andrea Niekerk and her family ice skating outdoors in Canada Yoga vlogger Andrea Niekerk and her family ice skating outdoors in Canada

An expat’s experience

We spoke to yoga vlogger Andrea Niekerk about her experience of moving from South Africa to Toronto, Canada — from health and well-being to the world of work.

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