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Australia City

A guide to living and working in Australia

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Laid-back, easy-going but upfront and hardworking: the people of Australia are culturally diverse and welcoming. With a growing economy, engaging new opportunities, a healthy, outgoing lifestyle on offer, and beautiful beaches and wildlife to discover, the country is an appealing place to start a new life. A vast continent in the southern hemisphere and thousands of miles away from Europe and the U.S., it still provides the kind of tolerant and relatively safe environment found in most developed countries but with its own unique character.

There are plenty of things to consider before making a move ‘down under’. Ensuring you have the right professional skills means you can land just the job you need to support you, your family, and your new lifestyle. Get clued up about the wildlife, local regulations on property purchase and rental, and secure adequate health care cover to ensure nothing spoils your Australian adventure.

Finding your home in Australia

Finding and securing a home to buy or rent in Australia can be a difficult process. Think first about where you would like to live, what kind of accommodation you need, and how long you would like to stay before doing your research into the legal and practical procedures.

Find out if you should rent or buy a home in Australia

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Moving to Australia

Here’s everything you need to know about moving to Australia, from getting the right visa to finding the perfect place to live.

Read more about the Australian lifestyle

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Health care in Australia

Australia has an excellent health care system. With over 1,300 hospitals across the country, roughly half are public, the other half private.

Learn more about health care in Australia

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What are the risks for you and your family if you move to Australia?

Australia is relatively free of dangerous diseases and parasites, but all travellers to the country should be up to date with standard vaccinations.

Read about how to stay healthy in Australia

A new way of life

Australians have a strong sense of identity and pride in their nation. Those already used to a Westernised lifestyle will find it easy to adjust to the Australian way of doing things, but there are a few subtle but significant culture shocks that might affect the unsuspecting expat.

What you’ll want to know before moving to Australia

Can I afford to live in Australia?

Overall, the cost of living in Australia is lower than that in New York or London (based on the most expensive Australian city, Sydney).

Learn more about the cost of living in Australia

Making the most of your money

The local currency is the Australian dollar, known as AUD or represented by a simple $ sign (not to be confused with the American dollar or USD).

Check out these suggestions for saving money in Australia

Deciding where to live

Australia is a vast country. Lay a map of it over one of the U.S. and it will cover most of it — the same can be said of Europe.

Here are some popular areas to live in Australia

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Australian Business etiquette

Expect a vibrant working environment where strong relationships are encouraged both inside and outside of work.

Find out how to fit in when working in Australia

Tips for working in Australia

According to the Australian Fair Work Act 2009, “Everyone working in Australia is entitled to basic rights and protections in the workplace” and that includes those who have come in from abroad.

Find out about working in Australia

A growing economy looking for the right people

Alongside Australia’s famous outdoors lifestyle, stunning scenery and rich, multicultural society, the country also has a growing economy and a skill shortage in certain areas of industry.

Learn about work opportunities in Australia

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