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International Health Insurance for Dubai

We can help you choose the right plan for your move to Dubai. We’ll ensure you get the best protection for you and your loved ones in your new home.

In Dubai (UAE), all employers are required by law to provide health insurance coverage for all of their employees. There are many health insurance companies in the UAE, some of which offer international cover under well-known international brands.


Get a plan that fits just right. Choose the levels of cover, additional extras and excesses that suit your Dubai relocation.


We’re always here for you, no matter where you are. Well-trained and highly experienced in-house clinicians and multilingual case managers are available to support you 24/7, from emergency evacuation to condition management.


Emergency medical evacuation and repatriation are included in all our plans. Plus, our international medical insurance cover offers up to $5 million protection.

International Private Medical Insurance Features

Aetna International has extensive experience providing health insurance for organisations, individuals and families in Dubai. We specialise in tailoring comprehensive plans for businesses, NGOs and consulates — catering to the unique needs of missionaries, diplomats, volunteers and international employees from all over the world.

  • 24 hour assistance
  • Annual and short term cover available
  • Inpatient and day-care treatment
  • Outpatient treatment up to 90 days
  • Emergency medical evacuation
  • Rehabilitation up to 120 days
  • Emergency maternity care
  • Emergency dental treatment
  • Emergency optical treatment

Dubai health insurance FAQ

What is the health care system in the UAE like?

  • The UAE has a comprehensive, government-funded health service as well as a private health sector, both delivering very high standards of care. Expats can take advantage of both public and private facilities but have to pay for access, while nationals can access care for free or at a low cost.

Does Dubai have free health care?

  • Dubai offers free and low-cost health care to UAE nationals, but expats must pay.

How many hospitals are there in the UAE in 2019?

  • There are currently 104 hospitals1 throughout the seven emirates. Of the 38 hospitals in Dubai, six are government-run; the rest are private.

How does insurance work in Dubai?

  • Expats must have health insurance to live and work in Dubai. All companies will provide or contribute to health insurance for their employees.

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