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Quick start video guides to benefits, products, services and tools

Our quick start video guides show you how to make the most of your cover with our products, services and tools. There are seven videos in total:

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Registering for and making the most of the Health Hub 

Your path to better health starts with the Health Hub — your secure member website. Submit claims, find health care, request preauthorisation and much more. To read more, open the transcript below.

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Changing your Health Hub username to your email address

If you created a username when you registered for the Health Hub, you’ll need to change it to your email address, which will make logging in easier. Watch the video or open the transcript below to read more.

People often forget their username. That’s why we’ve changed the Health Hub login requirements from using a username to using your email address.

These simple instructions will walk you through the steps to change your username to an email address. If you used your email address to create your login details when you first registered for the Health Hub, you're all set; you don't need to do anything.

Discover how easy it is to use the Health Hub to submit and track your health care claims, find a doctor, hospital or health care specialist within our extensive global network, and request preauthorisation for treatment.

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How to use and make the most of your Member ID Card

When you become a member, you’ll receive a Member ID Card. Your unique member id will be printed on the card, and you’ll need this to access care, call us for assistance or to register for the Health Hub. To find out more, watch the video or read the transcript. 

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How to make or track a claim

The quickest and easiest way to submit a claim — and request reimbursement — is to log in to the Health Hub. Watch the video or read the transcript to find out more.

Although the easiest way to submit a claim is online, if want to find out how to submit a claim via email, fax or traditional mail, read more here.

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When and how to request treatment preauthorisation

Treatment preauthorisation helps ensure you get the treatment and care you need. You’ll always need preauthorisation for planned inpatient and day patient admission, for example. Find out more about when you do and don’t require preauthorisation. Watch the video or read the transcript.

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Peace of mind when you travel*

Our safety and security services, powered by WorldAware*, help keep you and your family informed and safe while travelling for business or leisure, or when you move abroad. To read more about our safety and security services, including help avoiding or coping with everyday travel disruptions to help in the face of unpredictable threats, such as natural disaster, access our guide here.

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*WorldAware (formerly known as red24) services are available to eligible Aetna International members, including Aetna Pioneer, Aetna Summit and Ultracare. For more information, read our safety and security guide.

Services vary according to plan type. Please check your plan documents for more information. To view your plan documents, log in to or register for the Health Hub.