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Stress and your health

Try these tips for reducing stress during your relocation, wherever you are.

Stress impacts everyone — and it can take a special toll when you’re working far from home or living abroad with a spouse on international assignment. Research shows that expatriates are more likely to struggle with stress, along with anxiety, depression and alcohol/substance abuse — yet very few of them actually prepare for the possibility of encountering these while away.1

Common expat stress triggers

  • Language barriers that make it difficult to communicate effectively
  • Cultural differences that can make you feel like an outsider
  • Workplace challenges such as long hours, tight deadlines and unrealistic expectations
  • Difficulties with spouses finding work or activities to enjoy
  • Loss of your support network of family and friends back home

Tips for combatting expat stress

  • Seek resources to help you assimilate into your new culture
  • Stay connected to loved ones at home
  • Reach out for professional support early and often

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