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Where to go for a Moroccan Hammam in Dubai

Steam, scrubbing and a sense of well-being — the characteristics of the traditional Moroccan Hammam.

Over the centuries, the hammam has spread far beyond Morocco across North Africa and towards Turkey and the Middle East. 

Today, you’ll find hammam (the word brings together the Arabic for “bath” and“to warm up”) taking place in a variety of settings: from common facilities where the patrons gather to chat, to luxurious five-start experiences in hotels and health spas. But the experience at heart will be the same: lots of steam and vigorous scrubbing that will leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

Where to go for a Moroccan Hammam in Dubai

It’s very common for Emirati women to go for Moroccan Hammam treatments weekly or fortnightly as part of their health, well-being and beauty regime. To experience this ancient cleansing ritual, there are options for a Moroccan Hammam in Dubai to suit every budget. Small independent beauty salons cost about Arab Emirate Dirhams (AED) 250 (roughly $68 U.S. dollars) depending on the location and any add-ons you choose, such as masks, massages or loofahs. Hotel experiences tend to be more expensive. Depending on where you’re staying, the cost can range from AED 350 ($95 U.S. dollars) to more than AED 600 ($163 U.S. dollars).

For women who like relatively inexpensive luxury, the preferred choice is often Al Asalla Spa at the Dubai Ladies Club. Located on a pristine beach in Jumeirah, the Dubai Ladies Club is a women-only haven, boasting pools, gyms, landscaped gardens, an art centre, coffee shops and the spa. Guests are invited to use the spa’s wet facilities or soak in the jacuzzi while waiting for their treatment to begin.

The Moroccan Hammam itself takes place in a private room on a large, bed-sized marble slab. Do not be surprised if the motherly and enthusiastic therapist commands you to take off your clothes. Feel free to use disposable underwear. Most spas/salons in Dubai offer the option and you can even go in your bathing suit if you prefer.

During the treatment you are soaped, scrubbed with a special loofah (which you can purchase separately or bring your own), and lathered with various body masks depending on your skin type, from softening, whitening to purifying. You will be left to bask in steam and then thoroughly washed down. You will be scrubbed everywhere, including your face.

Disposable underwear or not, you’re better off hanging your modesty on the door along with your robe.

The therapist at the Dubai Ladies Club is renowned for her  strength and energy. In fact, most locals only visit spas where the therapists are Moroccan to ensure an authentic — and vigorous — experience.

Of course, it is not just women who enjoy the benefits of the Moroccan Hammam. In Dubai, men can visit hotel spas — such as the One and Only Royal Mirage — or male-only grooming centres where the treatment takes place in a private room.

As intrusive and awkward as it may feel initially, you leave the treatment feeling cleaner than you’ve ever felt, and you have baby soft skin. With such compelling benefits, Moroccan Hammams may just end up a regular feature in your grooming schedule while you live in Dubai.

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