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The Angel of Independence stands in the center of a roundabout in Mexico City, Mexico.

An expat’s guide to Mexico

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Mexico is a land rooted in a rich cultural history with a promising future. Home to ancient Aztec temples and colonial architecture, the country is a historical explorer’s paradise and has the most UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the Americas. With stunning mountainscapes and plains, white sandy beaches and lush rainforest, it is no wonder that this country has such appeal. And although many foreigners coming here to live are seeking to retire, there are also job opportunities in Mexico’s growing economy. The warm, temperate climate, modern cities and a friendly, family-orientated culture are a draw for educated, professional immigrants from around the world.

Despite the many advantages of relocating to Mexico, there are also important things to consider. The warm climate and high altitudes across the country bring with them their own risks, and international health insurance is important for the foreign settler. With a large gap between rich and poor, crime can also be an issue in some areas. But equipped with the right information, there’s no reason why anyone looking for a new start shouldn’t find a happy and healthy one in Mexico.

Young woman being vaccinated Young woman being vaccinated

Health and vaccine advice

Discover what the country’s health care system has to offer, how to access care and look after yourself and your loved ones when living in Mexico. Find out what vaccines you might need before heading to the airport.

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El Pipila Statue Many Colored Orange Blue Red Houses El Pipila Statue Many Colored Orange Blue Red Houses

Personal safety concerns

In Mexico, the divide between rich and poor is clear, as are the conditions between rural and urban areas. The country has a distinct set of challenges, but expats can follow some simple guidelines to help live a safe, happy life.

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Happy mother and boy getting a checkup by a doctor Happy mother and boy getting a checkup by a doctor

Taking care of your health in Mexico

The country operates a health care system based on public and private services for nationals, foreign nationals and private-sector. It can be a complex system to navigate for expats. Find out more about the quality of care and how to access health care here. 

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Group of business people chatting Group of business people chatting

Working life

Although the country has a growing economy, opportunities for expats can be few and far between. The ability to speak Spanish is a must for job seekers. Find out what else you’ll need to consider if you’re looking for career opportunities in the country. 

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Young woman in blue shirt resting hands on keyboard Young woman in blue shirt resting hands on keyboard

Business etiquette

The culture in Mexico tends to be quite laid-back, although when it comes to business, relationships are deeply rooted and trust is developed over time. Read up on the dos and don’ts of conducting business meetings and working relationships to help ensure you’re prepared for success.

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Group of friends barbecuing together Group of friends barbecuing together

Finding a home

Whether you’re moving to Mexico for your career or to retire, when it comes to settling down and finding a home, make sure you do your research on the region you have in mind. 

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Young man at the beach Young man at the beach

Adapting to your new life

Learn more about Mexico’s cultural, historical and geographical diversity – including its varied cuisine, art heritage, climate and natural beauty. 

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Colorful apartment building Colorful apartment building

Deciding where to live

Find out whether you would be do better to rent or to buy a home, how to go about it and where you might want to settle. 

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Mother and toddler drinking fresh coconut juice at traditional street market Mother and toddler drinking fresh coconut juice at traditional street market

An affordable life

What’s the cost of living like in Mexico? How far will your salary or savings stretch? Find information on banking, public transport, street food and the art of negotiation – all with tips on how to make the most of your money.

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