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Personal safety concerns

Mexico is a popular destination for those seeking a laid-back retirement in the sun and for professionals who want to take advantage of the fast-growing economy.

As a result, small communities of expats have sprung up around the coasts and the large cities and manufacturing areas.

That said, newcomers should bear in mind that Mexico is a developing country with its own set of challenges. Drug-related crime, driven by a huge gap between rich and poor, is rarely directed at foreign nationals, but most would do well to remember a few simple guidelines in order to ensure their personal safety as far as possible:

  • Don’t “flash the cash” – don’t wear conspicuous, expensive jewellery in public, choose not to drive the most expensive make and model of car, don’t walk alone at night, and stay away from known “rough” areas.
  • Choose where you live with care – like an area where other expats live, and follow the precautionary security measures that are common in the neighbourhood.
  • Invest in appropriate home security – the most common security features in expat housing areas are electrified fences, security lighting, CCTV and a guard dog.
  • Try to avoid driving at night – particularly on unlit roads, where illegal roadblocks can pose a security risk, and in the north of the country along the border with the U.S., where vehicle hijacking is a possibility.
  • Never buy or use illegal drugs while living in Mexico.
  • Acknowledge that, in places, there is a breakdown of trust between citizens and law enforcement. Be aware that some ordinary people may be reluctant to report crime.

It’s always good to know the risks involved with moving somewhere new so that you can take the necessary precautions. Don’t leave health care provision to chance either. Talk to our expert consultants today about how best to protect you and your family in Mexico.

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