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Living and working in Vietnam

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Aptly named ‘The Land of the Rising Dragon’, Vietnam is an up and coming country. With a single-party Communist government and a difficult history, it would be easy to overlook the welcoming, optimistic, and hard-working nature of the people that call it home. Massive state investment, policies developed to encourage foreign investment and a more open way of dealing with world markets mean that Vietnam is now an increasingly attractive location for foreigners looking for good opportunities and a beautiful place to live. Wide, sandy, unspoilt beaches along its South China Sea coast, stunning mountain vistas and lush green deltas, as well as multicultural metropolitan areas, world-class eateries and sparkling shopping malls in the city centres await the expat looking for new opportunities and a different way of life.

There are many things, however, that the potential newcomer needs to think about before planning to move. Healthcare is a particular consideration when venturing from your home nation, as are concerns about job markets, housing, climate, and cultural differences.

Asian female nurse using tablet in hospital room Asian female nurse using tablet in hospital room

Health insurance in Vietnam

If you're considering a long-term relocation to Vietnam, addressing your health care needs should be part of your advance planning. Aetna International is here to help. We've created this guide to provide health-related information you'll need when preparing for your time in Vietnam.

What you need to know about health care and staying healthy in Vietnam

Visas, permits and how to find work

A poor country with a tragic past, Vietnam’s prospects are now most definitely on the rise. With one of the world’s lowest unemployment rates, its GDP has climbed sharply and its poverty rates have fallen.

Things you’ll want to know before relocating to Vietnam

Top tips for working in Vietnam

The visa and permit situation in Vietnam is complex. If you are already employed, try to make sure your company handles all the permits and paperwork.

What you’ll want to know about working in Vietnam

Business colleagues shaking hands Business colleagues shaking hands

Building good business relationships

Central to many aspects of Vietnamese life, the teachings of Confucius are key to the way people relate to each other, including business dealings.

Find out how to fit in when working in Vietnam

Deciding where to make your home

With a rapidly growing economy, a vast array of cultural influences and beautiful scenery, Vietnam is becoming an increasingly attractive place to live.

Here are some popular areas to live in Vietnam

Young asian businesspeople working together in office Young asian businesspeople working together in office

The people, culture and climate

Vietnam is a contrast of cultures. Past meets present, as ancient beliefs and traditions sit alongside 21st century economic growth; and East meets West where contemporary office buildings and colonial architecture mingle with time-honoured temples and sacred monuments.

Learn more about the culture and lifestyle of Vietnam

Understanding the cost of living

Vietnam is a lower-middle income country.As such, the cost of living is generally lower than in the West. Major cities have a higher cost of living than rural areas.

Learn more about the cost of living in Vietnam

Young couple moving in to a new home Young couple moving in to a new home

Moving into your own home

Many newcomers to Vietnam will be moving into property acquired by their employer. Many newcomers to Vietnam will be moving into property acquired by their employer.

Find out if you should buy or rent a home in Vietnam

How to save money in Vietnam

The official currency in Vietnam is Vietnamese Dong although US Dollars are widely accepted and some places will give prices in Dollars rather than Dong.

Find out how to save money in Vietnam

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