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Smart health apps for expats

Take control of your physical and mental health wherever you are in the world with these mobile apps 

Being away — from your home, routines and support network of family and friends — can wreak havoc on your overall health if you’re not careful. When that’s combined with stress and lack of access to healthy food options or favorite fitness activities, the impact is even stronger.

Thankfully, today’s technology makes it a lot easier for you to take control of your physical health and emotional well-being no matter where you are in the world. Explore these Aetna-recommended mobile apps that help you manage your health and achieve your goals through information, strategies, measurement tracking, data analysis, coaching and community connections.

Activity and fitness
  • Strava GPS Cycling and Running – Track your running and riding with GPS, join challenges, share photos from your activities, and follow friends
  • Seven – Scientific 7-minute workouts using nothing but a chair, a wall and your own body weight
  • Pocket Yoga – Practise yoga anywhere and create custom routines in minutes
  • Couch to 5K Running – 5K training plan for beginner runners
  • Record by Under Armour – Track steps, workout stats, nutrition and sleep data
  • Sworkit – Customise and play personalised video workouts that fit your lifestyle
Weight loss and nutrition
  • Noom Coach – Weight loss through coaching and guidance to change motivation and habits
  • Lifesum – Healthy lifestyle food and fitness tracker
  • My Fitness Pal – Calorie counter
  • Lose It! – Food and exercise tracker with access to weight loss community
  • SparkAmerica – Food tracker, exercise demos and community reports
Emotional and mental health
  • Headspace – Meditation course for beginners
  • Moodnotes – Mood and thought diary
  • Calm – Daily meditation, sleep and relaxation programmes
  • Spire – Mindfulness through breathing measurement and analysis
Women’s and family health
  • Clue – Menstrual cycle tracking
  • Glow – Ovulation and fertility tracker
  • The Bump – Pregnancy-related info and tips
  • Baby Connect – Parents, child care providers and family stay in sync by logging info on feeding, diaper changes, sleep, mood, medications and more
Medication adherence
  • Medisafe – Medication reminders
  • Mango Health – Understand medications and drug interactions
  • Pill Pack – Medication delivery and location-based pill reminders
  • Pillow – Sleep monitoring and feedback
  • Sleepio – Sleep improvement techniques
Diabetes management
  • One Drop – Tracks and analyses blood glucose levels, medications, food and activity
  • iHealth Gluco-Smart – Measures glucose levels with portable meter and Bluetooth-enabled device
  • Dexcom G5 – Continuous glucose monitoring with real-time results every five minutes using a sensor implanted under the skin and wireless transmitter
  • Noom Coach – Diabetes behaviour modification and coaching
Heart health
  • Qardio – Measures and interprets heart rate and blood pressure
  • Blood Pressure Companion – Measures, records and shares blood pressure readings
  • Withings Health Mate – Works with wireless blood pressure monitor to provide instant feedback and long-term tracking

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